Mumzy Stranger - Showgirl (Video)

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Signed up to Rishi Rich Productions; Urban Desi star Mumzy Stranger is back with a brand new video!

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'Showgirl' is the second video from Mumzy Stranger, as he looks to break into the mainstream. Having enjoyed sucess with his first single 'One More Dance', which is out now on iTunes, 'Showgirl' is the second single from his forthcoming album.

Remember you can buy 'One More Dance' on iTunes now!


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0 #3 LiLMiZZZaraKhanxx 2010-03-31 13:56
Quoting Pali Singh:
I heard this on Adil Rays show, its wicked.. this guy is the next jay sean..

Samee here it'z a wiked tune.... Brapp :) xxxxxx :P
Pali Singh
-1 #2 Pali Singh 2009-07-31 10:23
I heard this on Adil Rays show, its wicked.. this guy is the next jay sean..
+1 #1 raniz 2009-07-20 15:04
One More Dance is definitely the better of the two at the moment but the video for this is amazing!

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