Kidd Skilly - “One Day (Remix)”

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{audio}media/Music/July09/Kidd Skilly - One Day (Remix).mp3{/audio} This song contains explicit lyrical content.

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Kidd Skilly Releases A Glimpse Into “Undercover Superstar II” with New Track “One Day (Remix)”

Detroit, Michigan, USA – July 15, 2009 - In 2008, Kidd Skilly exploded onto the entertainment scene with the creation of "Ni Sohniye" featuring R&B superstar Akon -- one of the biggest collaborations in the history of the urban South Asian scene. He continued to build momentum with the release of his immensely successful mixtape "Undercover Superstar." Today, Kidd Skilly gives a glimpse into his soon to be released follow-up effort, "Undercover Superstar II," with the remix of a Skilly classic, "One Day."

"One Day (Remix)" is one of the most lyrically gifted tracks coming out of the industry this summer. The beat accompanying Kidd Skilly's witty lyrics is as triumphant and precise as the message he delivers -- certainly no surprise as it was the work of Helluva, the same legendary Detroit producer who teamed up with Skilly and Akon to produce the worldwide hit "Ni Sohniye." Helluva is best known for his acclaimed production on Eminem's "I Can Be" and Young Jeezy's "Black Dreams."

A video mosaic of Kidd Skilly’s recent tours, which highlight his lyrics "I went from writin' raps in my living room to killin' tracks right in front of U-niversities all across the globe.." accompanies the song.

"One Day (Remix)" is a glimpse into Kidd Skilly's upcoming mixtape "Undercover Superstar II", which solidifies his stance as "The pride of the people!"

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