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Aron B - ?I Just Wanna? (Listen Now)




The amazing new talent, Aron B is getting ready to set the UK Asian music scene on fire with his debut single ‘I Just Wanna’. Scheduled for release in June, the track is the perfect tune to kick off the long awaited Summer season of fun.

Inspired by the burgeoning and buzzing music scene in his home-town of Manchester, his love for Hip Hop and RnB was no surprise, and the natural step forward was for him to create his own unique sound that brought together the urban with the desi. All he needed was a partner to add the final touch to his lyrics.

Enter ‘Chan Has’ a trained percussionist that Aron B met at Music college when the two knew instinctively that they were on the same wavelength and destined to work together. Combining Aron B’s song writing skills with Chan’s amazing musical repertoire and their powerful English and Punjabi vocals, the two have created a fresh new sound that is already gathering momentum and a fan base that spans the country.

Talented, witty, intelligent, passionate and good looking, both the boys seem to finally be on the way to fulfilling their life long dreams with ‘I Just Wanna’.

Aron B says: “It’s been a long time coming, and ‘I Just Wanna’ is the start of something big. Although I’m only 20 I’ve been building up the skills to make sure that I have the power to make real music. I want people to know that both Chan and I are trained musicians that aren’t just doing this for a laugh. We’ve been to Performing Arts and Music College to make sure we have solid foundations to build on.”

Chan Has adds: “It’s great working with someone who is so in tune with your thoughts and music. It’s been a fantastic journey from college to where we are now and we’ve had fun doing it, but this experience has just made me more convinced that ‘I Just Wanna’ keep making more music!

‘I Just Wanna’ is the first track to be released from Aron B’s forthcoming album, with each track demonstrating his vast musical range and versatility.


{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/I Jus Wanna [DESI MIX] feat Chan Has n Aron B.mp3{/audio} - Listen to I Jus Wanna [DESI MIX] feat Chan Has n Aron B

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