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The urban desi phenom known as Jay Deala is ready, set and poised to take his rightful place as the first mainstream hip-hop artist from the Indian community in years.

Inspired by mainstream pioneer artists such as Apache Indian and Punjabi MC, Jay Deala is aiming to take over the music industry and fill a void in urban desi hip-hop that has desperately been needed for quite sometime now. Get ready for something special.

In an age of the micro label, Jay Deala registered his own record label/entertainment company, M WAY Entertainment Incorporated.  This major step empowered and expanded his capabilities to explore all types of music genres. 

Jay Deala is hip-hop at its best however he is not limited to just one type or style of music by any means.  Now that he has refined and perfected his skills as a live hip-hop and recording artist, Jay Deala is looking to scout and develop the wealth of hidden talent that can be found locally aswell as internationally. 

Jay Deala


Professional executive production and artist development in all aspects of the music industry is the future of M WAY Entertainment Inc.

Coming from a highly inclined musically gifted and talented family, Jay Deala, born Harjinder Jay Singh in Scarborough Ontario Canada, was destined for greatness.  As an immigrant, who migrated from India, Jay Deala’s father struggled to find employment in Canada at a time where visible minorities were a scarce and unkown commodity. 

Along with hard work ethic, intelligence and the gift of music his father made it through course waters and has become one of the most successful business men in the Indian community in southern Ontario.  Jay’s father would keep his motivated mind set during troubled times through playing various instruments and singing. 

Mastering the harmonium and refining his vast knowledge of religious studies, Jay’s father also influenced and inspired his children to vent and express their feelings and emotion through music by singing at numerous religious functions and Gurdwara’s (Sikh Temples).  Jay’s older brother mastered the art of Tabla (Indian drums) at a very young age playing along side his father and also travelling with many notable classical singers such as Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh in the early 90’s.

Jay Deala did start off following in the footsteps of his father and brother.  He learned to play the tabla and the harmonium at a very young age.  However, music expression through the religious environment did not really appeal to him.  In retrospect, commercial music was becoming more and more free spirited and out spoken. 

In the 90’s Mainstream hip-hop and rap was being taken over by a phenomenon known as gangster rap.  Hip-hop superstars like the late greats Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG blew up the rap game and exposed the trials and tribulations of the inner city urban lifestyle.  Guns, girls, money, power and respect were the key elements influencing youth through rap and hip hop music at this time.  It was cool to be bad, and Jay Deala embraced this culture with open arms. 

Jay Deala


Jay Deala’s family then moved from the east end in Scarborough, all the way across the city of Toronto, to the west end in Brampton.  Jay met many of his lifetime friends here as they shared the same common interests, mainly gangster rap.  Jay would relish the opportunity to listen to his friends Ceazar and Bezzle freestyle at the local parks, alleys and catwalks. 

A little apprehensive at first that people would laugh at his true desire to freestyle and MC, Jay started to beat box for his friends while they rapped.  Slowly but surely he came out of his shell and started to cypher with his group of friends.  Their acceptance of him and his desire to rap boosted his confidence and made him realize that this is what he wanted to do.  Natural entertaining abilities, intelligence, an outgoing and flamboyant personality were perfect characteristics for his flow and complimented his lyrical talent. 

As his friends were just simply having fun and passing time, Jay Deala realized that he had to take music to another level from a business standpoint in order to quench his never ending thirst for performing and entertaining.  Everyone’s dream is to work for or do something that they love to do and Jay Deala felt the same way, moreover the reason for registering M WAY Entertainment Inc.  With his savvy entrepreneurial skills and his sheer love for music, the arts and entertainment, life was all starting to have more meaning and dreams were turning to reality.

M Way Entertainment started out as a group of close friends who were all born in Toronto and then migrated to the suburbs of the Peel Region. As a pass time, the group of friends would hang out at parks and catwalks cyphering, beat boxing and playing basketball, bringing the Toronto urban lifestyle to the suburbs of Brampton and Mississauga.

People had become intrigued by the freestyle battles and the sheer raw talent of the MC's. Forseeing this trend to continue in the future, Jay Deala, CEO of M WAY Entertainment, registered a Record Label to start conforming the massive amount of raw talent into a deep, diverse and extremely talented roster of MC's, producers and entertainers.

M Way's creative and technical aspect received a big boost, as Jay Deala's nephew, now DJ NACH expressed his enthusiasm towards music. He would see his uncle and friends cyphering in the streets and playing urban inspired music everywhere. Jay Deala took his wide eyed nephew under his wing when they met at a local party in 2004. Since then, DJ NACH has put out numerous mixtapes and has DJ'd at many local parties and events.

He had slowly fine tuned his skills and passion for music and has filled the much needed void that M Way Entertainment had been experiencing in order to take their music to the next level... production. From 16 bars in the streets to original musical compositions that had meaning and depth... only then M WAY ENTERTAINMENT was born.

M Way started out featuring throughout the city at local nightclubs, bars and university and college campuses then began to hold a few events in the downtown club district, before blowing up into the international phenomenon that it is today.

Just to mention a few, here are some Notable Performances:

Opening act for Russell Peters, K A R D I N A L, FRANK N DANK, Mathew Good @ Kingswood Music Theatre, WONDERLAND

Intermediate act for SOUTH BEACH BHANGRA 4 @ Jackie Gleason Theatre in South Beach, Miami, Florida

Headlining act for
ONE NIGHT ONLY @ I'Panema Nightclub in downtown Birmingham, England

Opening act for Malkit Singh and Manak-E @ Bhangra Fusion @ Ontario Place in Toronto, Canada

Headliner for SUMMERSLAM @
DNA Lounge in the Club District Downtown, Toronto, Canada

Opening act for Punjabi MC and Aman Hayer @ Pearson Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada

Host of DISPLAY RAGE FREESTYLE BATTLE and CONCERT SERIES touring all University and College Campus'

Jay Deala opening for Toronto pioneer artist
SNOW @ DNA Lounge in the Club District Downtown, Toronto, Canada

Jay Deala LIVE @ IMPORTFEST 2008 @ Downsview Park, Toronto, Canada

Jay Deala LIVE @ DESIFEST 2008 @ Yonge and Dundas Square, Downtown Toronto, Canada.


The OFFICIAL M WAY MIXTAPE Vol 1, which was released last summer was an immense success selling 1000 copies locally and because of its success, fan support and great feedback, THE OFFICIAL M WAY MIXTAPE Vol 2 released in June 2008 and and sold an outstanding 5000 copies.

These two mixtapes will be the predecessors to the most anticipated international debut album “SINCERELY, JAY DEALA”... set to release late SUMMER 2009.

Last but certainly not least.  DJ NACH has also developed a passion for singing.  Aspiring to become one the hottest new international punjabi vocalist in recent history, DJ NACH has transformed into the newest bhangra sensation DEEP JANDU.  M WAY Entertainment is hard at work on DEEP JANDU’s album entitled “SHERA NAAL YAARI”. 

Executive production by Jay Deala on his own hip-hop album and DEEP JANDU’s punjabi folk album sets the stage for something special.  Fusing both genres, featuring both artists doing what they do best, along with a brand that is easily recognizable and almost impossible not to fall in love with, sets the premise for Jay Deala and M WAY Entertainment to take the music industry by storm and historically impact the world.

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+1 #27 Guest 2009-05-13 17:56
meh kya AJAA AJAA
-2 #26 mitra 2009-05-13 05:38
music is crap, EPIC FAIL!!! go back to your day jobs
-2 #25 jus 2009-04-09 19:39
this music aint going no where its worse than bohemia you guys need a new job
-2 #24 sidhu 2009-04-07 20:36
weird music
+1 #23 Guest 2009-04-03 20:27
Deep Jandu is the ONE!!!
Props to Deala and M WAY doin the their thang!!!
-1 #22 Guest 2009-04-02 19:39
sucks ! like the music though the rappers dnt know how to flow whats up with that mate gotta get those lyrics better somehow the punjabi singer on the punjabi is good
-1 #21 Dal 2009-04-01 20:45
try coming with some harder lyrics maybe other than that i liked the beats
-1 #20 jas 2009-04-01 20:35
i give it 6 out 10 sorry guys needs more work not hating on the dude just music and lyrics are mediocre deala being lil wayne im sorry that shit dont cut it lil wayne is a genius and is echelons better than anyone from canada get your camp straight and start coming with some fire
+1 #19 M WAYY!NIKHIL HANDA 2009-04-01 03:42
+1 #18 Surinder 2009-04-01 03:29
wad up nachh....ur da mann too stilll or sud i call you mr. deep jandu.... APPAN NI HAT DEEEEEEEE
+1 #17 Surinder 2009-04-01 03:26

if you understand his music and like the indian masala added to the english music hes the man to listen too!

Deala keep doing your thing man... i know your gonna be bigger then lil wayne one day!

M-WAY ALLL DAYY & EVERYDAYY :!: :!: :!: :cheer: :lol: :D :side: ;-)
+1 #16 Sundeep 2009-04-01 03:26
Keep up da good work

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