Shammi - Vekho Vekho (Out Now)

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Shammi has been singing since a young age and has finally entered the musical arena with his debut album Vekho Vekho.

Having been under the wing of legendary Punjabi singer Baba Bakhtora, Shammi has kept a firm grip on his folk roots with the album having a distinct desi feel.

The album has been produced by music maestro Aman Hayer and the eight tracks reflect the diversity and quality expected.

Also featuring on the album and video is MC Sun E D, with an array of hits under belt, he manages to provide a unique urban flavour.


1. Pat Ta feat $un E D

Lyrics - Taari Bidhipur

2. Vekho Vekho

Lyrics - Lal Athouliwala

3. Ambaran Te Aaalna feat $un E D

Lyrics - Pal Gumtali

4. Chal Mahia

Lyrics - Taari Bidhipur

5. Chot Ne Bolde

Lyrics - Lal Athouliwala

6. Veera

Lyrics - Lalli Meghowal & Shammi

7. Paave Parthu

Lyrics - Binda Pandori

8. Truck

Lyrics - Jagir Pattar

Distributed in the UK by ABC Music London Ltd

Marketed in the UK by Genie Records


0 #1 jaspal 2008-11-07 21:20
good album ;-)

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