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Miss Pooja - The Golden Stage

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Miss Pooja - The Golden Stage

Saahil Music Presents 'THE GOLDEN STAGE - Miss Pooja'. The album with very exclusive track of girl with golden voice.

Smash Hits Tracks like- Desi Jatt, College, Relationship and many more. Featuring Artist Harjit Heera, Karma, Davinder Deep, Sukh Sarkaria and many more.

13 Mind blowing tracks!

Coming to all good Music shops in 1ST NOV 2008.

BIO. Miss Pooja

Almost 800 songs recorded with almost 70 various vocalists.

Albums Out In Market: Approx 100

Miss Pooja's real name is Gurinder Kaur Kainth and she was born on December 4th, 1979. Her father's name is Mr. Inderpal Kainth and her mother's name is Saroj Devi.

She has one sister, Maninder Kaur Kainth, and one brother. She comes from a Nirankari family. She is beautiful and loves to dance and sing since her childhood.

She is widely regarded as having revived Punjabi Duet songs. During late eighties to early 21st century, the Punjabi duet songs were often given second place by DJ's. However, now (2008) Miss Pooja's duets often get played at the top of the party!

She has now (June 2008) become the largest selling female bhangra artist in India and overseas. Partial reason of her success is the rapid increase in the number of songs that she continues to record.she may become one of the most partnered singer of all time.

Another notable for Miss Pooja is that she seems to be recording many songs written by famous Punjabi song writer, Mr. Karamjit Puri (Village Bhagta Bhai Ka, Punjab, India). One or more parts of his name are invariably mentioned in every song (usually, in the last or second last stanza).Miss Pooja received more attention in India and overseas due to her physical attractiveness.

Miss Pooja is young in age, high in beauty and bubbly singer and is often referred to as the best looking female singer in Punjab. She has a cute face and liked for her fuller lips.

Miss Pooja is often compared to another famous female bhangra singer Sudesh Kumari. They are both recognized for their high pitch voice.

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Release : 1st Nov 2008