Kidd Skilly - Undercover Superstar - 'WITNIS the Music' - Episode Four

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This is the concluding episode of ?WITNIS the Music?, from the US phenomenon, Kidd Skilly.

In Kidd Skilly?s own words, he sums up the whole song by saying, ?even though I have whatever problems, and what not and what not and what not, like the thing you can?t take away from me is that I am the Undercover Superstar. Nobody else has to know it, I know it, you know it?.

Skilly understands that through his music he will receive negative reactions however he will not stop following his dream. He lives and breathes music and his passion is to inspire others and make a difference through music.

Teaming up with the World Foundation for Music and Healing, Kidd Skilly and the WITNIS Project will be doing their part to help those less fortunate follow their dreams and realise their superstar potential. A portion of proceeds from sales of ?Undercover Superstar? will be going to the charity which provides music education, cultural programming and creative arts experiences for children, teens, families and groups recovering from trauma or loss.

Kidd Skilly?s mix-tape is an opportunity for music fans to support a worthy cause as well as chance to delve into the mind of an Undercover Superstar. Join the movement and follow Kidd Skilly and the WITNIS Project?s ethos of working hard, determination and following ones dreams.

Order the ?Undercover Superstar? mix-tape now at or


0 #3 Guest 2008-09-30 10:16
yo man big up MC JD for comin out n supportin kid skilly like that, its gud to see artistd reppin each other!

JD is killin it too

btw JD stay off joti dhillons music yo! lolll
0 #2 knowledge....JD 2008-09-30 05:51
I wasnt really watchin anyone else in this here I am taking a break here in the studio and surfin the web - and came across this vid....

That being said,

Kid Skilly is droppin knowledge....he is breaking down the lyrics of his track in a passionate and intimate way.

I could not come across a video camera and let peepz into my world. My music is my release and its hard to let people into my world; its a bit intrusive. But i see that maybe it will be a healing process.

So i guess its time to drop it....

So to Kid Skilly I say - RESPECT.
From positive minds come positive vibez!

big up.
0 #1 Punjabi 2008-09-17 23:42
man skilly u deserve way more
yo keep raping u got fans out there who will do anything for you man
Love ur raps keep em coming homiee,,,,

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