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Veronica - Soniya (Single) - Exclusive Promo


Veronica’s brand new single 'Soniya' is to be released this month.


After the success of her first album 'Theen' Veronica, the talented and glamourous asian female singer has been working on the studios to make a rocking comeback.

She is currently working with friend and internationally acclaimed music producer Rishi Rich to deliver a brand new album titled, Miss V, which is set to be released later on the year.

Newly signed to the newly formed record company TiffinBeats, under the arm of Rishi Rich Productions, you will definitly hear about Veronica in the coming months!

With the power house productions company and Rishi Rich Productions backing her great evolution, Veronica is surely set to break all boundaries with her new album !

Veronica is back ! Her looks and musical style have evolved, Watch Out !