King Gurcharan Mall ? Akh Matacka (Out Now)

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akh matacka

Almost 3 years ago, we enjoyed the album 'Dhol Blasters Forever' which featured many including Sarabjit Kaur, Daljit Mattu and Kamaljit Sidhu. can now exclusively reveal that the brand new album, 'AKH MATACKA" which has 11 Tracks with an additional 4 remixed tracks will be releasing soon.


gurcharan mall


At a recent video shooting, for the first time in the history of Indian music in the UK there was so many different artists who come together to show a sign of unity and a mix culture in one fantastic video ... "82 ARTISTS" were present there and we at were honoured to be present on the day.

The King himself, Gurcharan Mall, stated when we had a chat with him, "Working together to promote Bhangra Arts and Culture the right way, is something that I will always be pushing for and ensuring the youngsters out there feel and enjoy the true Bhangra music."
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The King of UK Bhangra music, the legendary Gurcharan Mall returns with a brand new album titled; ‘Akh Matacka’ releasing October 31st. The brand new 14 track album masterminded by Gurcharan Mall features a brand new sound from the Bhangra legend. 

‘Akh Matacka’ also sees two of the most experienced members of the UK Bhangra fraternity combining forces. ‘Tubsy Records’ is the brainchild of percussionist and musical maestro ‘Tubsy’ who brought you licks on legendary hits such as ‘Dhola Veh Dhola’ & Arranged Marriage’ to name a few.

‘Akh Matacka’ will be the first release from the new label, that promises to show the future of UK Bhangra what the past has to offer! 

“This is the album to kick start your celebrations for Autumn 2008 and lead you into a brand new 2009 Tubsy. 

Gurcharan Mall is often described as one of the most influential figures in UK Bhangra. As one of the original founders and contributors to the UK Bhangra scene during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Over the years he has had an input in recording and producing up to 44 albums, although now Gurcharan Mall is keen to offer music in a whole new direction. 

The album ‘Akh Matacka’ heralds a new beginning for Gurcharan Mall as he moves away from the Dhol Blasters sound that has become so synonymous with his name in the past. Instead Gurcharan Mall has worked with producers from both UK and India to try and instil a fresh approach to his music, certain to turn ‘Akh Matacka’ into a global hit!  

The album will be supported by two videos, the video for ‘Akh Matacka’ is currently playing on Brit Asia TV (833) and it features special guest appearances from some of the biggest names in UK Bhangra. 


Official Tracklisting 

    1) Akh Matacka      -     Vickey M (club mix)

    2) Jeeja-sali      -         Mrs. Husan-Preet &  Ranjit  (club mix)

3) Dhol MundeyKuriya - Vickey Moranwalia  -    Vickey

    4) Jodi Jadoo (duet) - Harvey Sangha & Renu Jagotra

    5) Dil Nahi Lagda    -    Mrs. Husan-Preet

    6) Majajaney            - Vikey Moranwalia

    7) Charkha               - Ranjit

    8) Jeeja-sali           - Mrs. Husan-Preet &  Ranjit Rana  (desi mix)

9) Bajay Bajdey     - Vikey Moranwalia

10) Vadahyee (Boliyan) - Harvy  Sangha

    11) Chan Taren   -    Lakhvir Kanth

    12)  Nachi Mian Nachi   -     Renu Jagotra

    13) Akh Matacka            -    Vickey Moranwalia      (desi mix)

    14)  Nachi Mian Nachi    -   Renu (club mix) 

Gurcharan Mall – Akh Matacka releasing October 31st on Tubsy Records

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For all media enquires contact: 

G Mall on 07721 400 422 

For all order call: 

Tubsy on 07932 844 047

Tubsy Records



Dippi Leicester
+2 #38 Dippi Leicester 2008-12-05 20:37
+2 #37 Guest 2008-11-26 22:59
Hay guys just listen to track 4 - jorhi jadon, hay what a super track, put it on the big dj sound and listen, some heavy stuff man.
+2 #36 Guest 2008-11-24 22:41
Akh Matacka - YES YES YES
+1 #35 HarMina 2008-11-23 21:31
and oh yeah, apna sangeet should so make a comeback :woohoo: any true punjabi musc lover would want them to!! :silly:
+1 #34 HarMina 2008-11-23 21:30
i love akh matacka B) but i hate the english parts in it :o why the have to do thattt :angry:
0 #33 Guest 2008-11-21 18:53
has some catchy tunes, good to see him around for so long and still being a true legend to the industry
0 #32 Guest 2008-11-21 18:51
crap album waste of money same loops copied melodies of kangna on akh matacka. G Mall is a good percussionist n so is tubsy but leave production to real people.
0 #31 SUGER SINGH 2008-11-21 10:13
Uncle gmall, I just bought your album, well done and I pray that your album is super hit WHY because you are always standing by us musicians.
Kiran, W/ton
0 #30 Kiran, W/ton 2008-11-21 10:06
I bought the album akh matacka today, my god it was well worth waiting for King Gmall your are the best.
0 #29 Guest 2008-11-18 23:44
if it is not out this friday then i think the blody record company needs shooting because it\'s not fair on the artist or the public.
0 #28 Guest 2008-11-18 01:14
thanks can\'t wait till friday
0 #27 Guest 2008-11-18 01:06
YES Man i was talking to phaaji gmall, he told me it\'s 101% confirm it\'s this friday 21st Nov.

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