Shabz - ?Rise of the Phoenix? (Out Now) - Promo

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Label: Just Play Records/DeepestMuzik

Genre: Electronica/Desi Beats

Just Play Records/ DeepestMuzik launches Musician/Producer & Underground Artiste SHABZ on his much critically acclaimed debut album RISE OF THE PHOENIX.

Over the past few months many heads are turning towards the DeepestMuzik /Just Play camp in anticipation of the new CD album out now . The new album represents the UK’s finest Asian underground sound of ethnic vibes fused with western grooves and is a combination of both instrumental and vocal tracks.

Bobby Friction ( BBC Radio 1, Asian Network):
“Shabz manages to be electronic, spiritual and tips his hat towards a real folk sound.”

SHABZ music speaks for itself and showcases many different musical layers from the underground dance vibes of DAM DA PADOSAN to the haunting synths of SONG FOR THE NON-CONFORMIST.

Shabz arrangements in his tracks reflect his influences of Old Skool Bhangra to Asian underground grooves. Tracks such as THE MADNESS OF LOVE have been well received with extensive radio airplay as both the industry and audiences wake to the raw vibes and psychedelic grooves emanating from the new album.

RISE OF THE PHOENIX truly showcases an artist whose production style is truly innovative and one that illustrates SHABZ style for creating unique sounds with a desire to make the sound organic and alive.

The new 11 track album is out now from all good retail & digital stores.


1. Rise Of the Phoenix feat. Khadija
2. Madness Of Love
3. Old Skool Bhangra Inspired
4. Words OF Truth feat. Nas-T
5. Desi Rider II

Shabz’s debut album ‘Rise of the Phoenix’ is available to download now from I-Tunes via Just Play Records/DeepestMuzik.

Download now.

Out now on Itunes : Click Here

Out now on : Just Play Records/DeepestMuzik

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