Lx Seth - Never Gonna (Video)

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SETH releases new video exclusively too SIMPLYBHANGRA.COM

Popstar Lx SETH has finally released his first music video of 2110. The music video entitled "ATTITUDE EFX" is a club based cut with a Michael Jackson Feel.

Seth has now exclusively released his next video "Never Gonna" to Simply As rumour has it, The album 2110 might not even be released at all.

It has been rumoured that 2110 was just a publicity stunt for Seth?s real album entitled THE X FACTOR, which hits stores in March next year. If this is so, this makes SETH a little insane, as the album cost approximately R 200 000 to produced.

This figure includes the 4 music videos which where shot for the album. This rumour has not been stated as fact, and at the moment is purely speculation. A close insider says that SETH might just put the album 2110 up as a free download, with the 4 music videos.

The singer has already put up the videos and tracks on his FANPAGE on facebook. In another rumour, some insiders are actually saying that the popstar is going to retire in a few months. They say that SETH has had enough off the sleepy industry in South Africa, and needs something more challenging to occupy his time. " SETH is a very hyperactive person, he needs something to keep going, he likes a good challenge, and I don?t think music is offering that to him here.

Maybe he should move overseas, where he can compete with real artists?I mean he signed a deal internationally on his debut album, that speaks for itself." said Amy Chang. Whatever the case, we wait in baited breath for the popstar too make his next move?

He still has two more videos to release, and for the moment has made history with his music in SOUTH AFRICA.


The main event!!!
0 #2 The main event!!! 2008-08-26 22:37
B) This stuff is awesome... He is doing stuff like this in South Africa... WOW WOW WOW!!!
0 #1 Guest 2008-08-26 13:48
not bad - not sure really :dry:

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