Panjabi MC - Indian Timing (OUT NOW!)

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One of the most highly antcipated albums of all time is ready to release! The brand new album by anthem maker Panjabi MC is ready to be unleashed around the world! Aptly titled 'Indian Timing' the album features a massive 20 tracks, with 80minutes of music jam packed into one CD.

PMC Quotes:

"Indian Timing' means to be late and this time I took the long way to Punjab and picked up some tracks along the way, including Europe, Middle East, Mumbai, America and Jamaica. I made this album on the dance floors of the world and perfected it on club sound systems and PA's at festivals in all continents with crazy diverse crowds, every track is different and tells it's own story"

You can BUY The album HERE


1-     Can't Stop Us (Goli) 

2-     Panjabi Soldiers (A-Team)

3-     Snake Charmer

4-     Im Nin Alu (Shake It)

5-     Stop What Your Doing (Chan Varga)

6-     I Am A Disco Dancer

7-     Kee Lagh Da

8-     Indian Timing (Jeona Morh)

9-     Panjaban

10- Makhana

11- Jagga

12- Holiday

13- Bhet Ke Roh Len De

14- Boliyan

15- So Can We

16- Kaadha Soorma (Part 1)

17- Chips

18- Pyaar

19- Night Time

20- Aaja Sohniya



You can BUY The album HERE




-2 #88 hahame 2009-03-11 14:43
hahaahahaaaaaa tuttti music
+1 #87 Guest 2008-12-18 18:23
i like can\'t stop us and snank charmer
Avi Jatt
+1 #86 Avi Jatt 2008-11-24 23:28
Uh no - ppl the album of the year with out now doubt is gonna be my main solo man PBN! For that matter album of the DECADE PBN WILL OBTAIN ;-)
pmc 4 life
+1 #85 pmc 4 life 2008-11-22 15:10
best album eva merked the kray twinz :cheer:
0 #84 Jeeves 2008-11-19 19:27
I really like some songs on da album. its really gd ive got about 8 tracks off da album that i actually thought i wud listen to wich is really gd. So those people who think PMC is rubbish and embarrasment he is not he has to make some songs for people wid diffent taste also the only negative thing i think about PMC is that he never makes his own songs for example \"Panjabi Soldiers\" however he made dat song sound pretty sik. But he is da one who started it all and everyone has copied him so he brought bhangra alive and is a Legend
0 #83 Guest 2008-11-18 23:21
PMC album of they year without question
0 #82 Guest 2008-11-18 13:38
Aho i agree ;-)
0 #81 Anonymous 2008-11-18 06:47
album of the year, about 13 of the songs are off the hook, thats more than any other bhangra album ever released.
0 #80 Roots 2008-11-18 00:07
I think everyone is getting all hyped up. Calm down calm down! Just listen to the CD and skank out! Not all the songs will appeal to everyone, but theres some serious tunes there no doubt!

Dont get it twisted PMC started it all way back before anyone, he is a legend in the uk bhangra scene and there is nothing you guys say will change that.

For all those ghost producers bigging themselves up, if you really did do it for him then you should be able do it for yourselves! Have a try :-)

All the crap about samples and stuff is getting tiring too. I dont see people complaining about kanye west. Everyone hates on the indian man, its pathetic..

Now stop complaining and let the guys make music. Your job is to skank out..

If you think you can do it any better then get involved in the music industry!

0 #79 Guest 2008-11-17 08:24
that ramz guy is hating on this album cus of a trak like disco dancer? ..u think this album is a embarassment ? LOL . this album is the best album ive heard in probably 3 years. if ur hating on that one track u gotta realize that pmc is a smart dude and hes made that track for the dudes down in india who are gonna be praising pmc for making such a track like that. in my opinion im feeling it . and i seriously think every track on the album is amazing except for panjaban. saying that . if u really think this album is an embarrassment, then ramz u gotta look in the mirror man . u must be into that wack cookie cutter bhangra that every \"producer\" is making now days. its pathetic, dudes needs to learn that if it werent for pmc ..then ur favourite producer wudnt be a producer.
0 #78 Guest 2008-11-17 00:25
loool i agreee with sum of the songs on this album bein total flops! but in the whole album id say there are atleast 10 solid tunes which is mroe than any other bhangra album has had probably ever! solid album and sum sik tracks on here.. jelhi\'s voice is sik on every trak and the level of production on here is extremely high! i wud easily giv this album 8/10 and say its one of the best of the year.
0 #77 Sukh 2008-11-16 21:01
Their standards?

You mean \'his\' standards right? PMC is just one person :unsure: ...

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