Kidd Skilly - Motor City Punjab (Promo)

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( Lollipop and  Motor City Punjab )




Kidd Skilly is back with his second single, Lollipop, off his new mixtape UnderCover SuperStar.  It's time for the South Asian community to have a version of Lil Wayne's Lollipop that they can call their own.  Kidd Skilly's sharp wit and clever lyrics shine brightly on this oft-covered track, but it's clear he's doing this to give something fun back to his fans. Be sure to catch the whole track on Kidd Skilly's upcoming mix-tape Undercover Superstar, available early fall! For more info visit


Update - 18.08.08

Kidd Skilly is back with a new anthem for his hometown of Detroit. "Motor City Punjab", the fourth track off his upcoming mixtape, UnderCover SuperStar is his opportunity to show pride for who he is and where he comes from.

And, as everyone knows, Kidd Skilly is never shy to throw a shoutout to his favorite city. When asked about the track, he proudly announces "It doesn't matter where I am in the world, being proud of being Punjabi and being from Detroit are two things that will always be with me!"

Be sure to catch "Motor City Punjab" and the rest of Skilly's new mixtape UnderCover SuperStar, available early September.  More Promos coming soon!


0 #5 Guest 2008-08-18 21:58
damn sounding nice, looking forward to mixtape
0 #4 More Promos Coming Soon!-Ish- 2008-08-17 00:25
Saturday August 16
• Teaser for Motor City Punjab

Thursday, August 21
• Teaser for "She's My Shadow"

Thursday, August 28
• Teaser "BhangraChick Part 2"

And than ..

Friday, September 5
•Product Available on WITNISPROJECT.COM

Kidd Skilly is back with his third single, "UnderCover SuperStar", the title track off of his new mix-tape UnderCover SuperStar.

Following the smash commercial hits of "Ni Sohniye feat. Akon" and his "Lollipop" remix, Kidd Skilly has come up with a track that truly demonstrates his lyrical talent and effortless flow.

This track will give Kidd Skilly fans a real opportunity to hear what is on this UnderCover SuperStar's mind!
0 #3 Wow!Raja 2008-08-15 20:13
Def keeps up with lil wayne! The auto tune sounds on point with Wyane and Static Major.

Where do I get the mixtape from?
0 #2 K 2008-08-12 01:03
hopefuly its a spoof/joke, the voice is extremely auto-tuned which makes it toooo robotic!!
0 #1 Guest 2008-08-12 00:40
I\'m sorry but that SUCKS, it\'s so horrible... really awful.

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