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Mick St Clair - Loud N Proud 2 (Out Now!)

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Mick St Clair, talent scout extraordinaire does it again!  He has come up with another album of cracking good bhangra dance tracks with Loud ‘N’ Proud 2.  This album is a follow up to the massively successful Loud ‘N’ Proud, which was a comeback album for Mick after his break from the music production scene.  Loud ‘N’ Proud 2 is a fusion of dholl, tumbi and Western dance beat.  It encompasses modern bhangra music’s best known talent, such as Kaka Bhaniawala, Feroz Khan and Amrit Saab along with up and coming talent such as J-Deep, Ranjit Rana, Jyoti Sarda and Raju Mahi.  Also featured are the veteran talents of Mehboob Chohan who was the ideal choice to sing the track Dholla Veh Dholla (Bollywood Style) because of the similarity of his voice to the late legend Mohammed Rafi.

- sung by J-Deep who has a distinctive quality in his vocals for one so young.  It is produced and musically arranged by young up and coming talented DJs/producers who are still at university and have a fan base of their own.

“FRIENDSHIP” - sung by Sucha Rangila and Ranjeeta Rani, in a true Punjabi style.  It is predominately a “rough diamond” of a love song.  It is a fantastic desi/bhangra/reggae duet musically arranged for the dance floor and is guaranteed to get you up and dancing whatever your age.  The words to this song will tug at the heartstrings of all those who are in love.

- sung by Maqbool is an upbeat track with a twist and will keep you bouncing on the dance floor.  This is one of those tracks that you will hear over and over again on the radio! The words to it were specially written to order for Mick St Clair.

“RESHMI GARARA” - sung by Feroz Khan is a giddha track going traditional and a special one for the ladies.

“EK GERRA” – which means “one spin”, sung by Amrit Saab.  As its name suggests, this track will keep you spinning on the dance floor.

“DHOLLA VEH DHOLLA” – sung by Mehboob Chohan, Ranjit Rana and Jyoti Sarda.  Although Mick has previously released the track (first on an EP called “Bhangra Muffin” by Sat Rang and then re-released it on an album called “Now That’s What I Call Bhangra”), he wanted to take it to another dimension.  This has certainly been achieved with this unique fusion of Bollywood/bhangra style.  This is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill track as it is an unusual fusion of Hindi/bhangra which was the brainchild of Mick St Clair.  He had been playing with the idea of doing this for a long time and finally got together with Baldev Mastana and Mehboob Chohan and they have been able to put it into practice with this fantastic result.

“SAHARA” – sung by Raju Mahi, is a unique track for the romantics out there.  This is based around the inimitable style of Nusarat Fateh Ali Khan.

“DIL KARDA” – sung by Jassi Lakhanpal.  This is a perfect track to be played for a cake cutting ceremony.

“YAAR DE VIYAH” – sung by Kaka Bhaniawala, is a must for every wedding as it calls out all the relatives on to the dance floor. Kaka has come up with another gem with this one!
It would be too much to talk about all the tracks at length but suffice to say, the whole of Loud ‘N’ Proud 2 is geared towards the dance music lovers.

Track Listing

1- Pare Ho Ke – J-Deep
2- Dholla Veh Dholla (Bollywood Style) – Ranjit Rana, Mehboob Chohan and Jyoti Sarda
3- Ek Gerra – Amrit Saab
4- Friendship – Sucha Rangila & Ranjeeta Rani
5- Reshmi Garara – Feroz Khan
6- Dil Karda – Jassi Lakhanpal
7- Yaar De Viyah – Kaka Bhaniawala
8- Maa Diye Lado – Maqbool
9- Giddeh Vich - Avtar Safri
10- Sahara – Raju Mahi
11- Dholla Veh Dholla (Bollywood Style, radio edit)
12- Friendship (Desi Mix) - DJ Harpz
13- Yaar De Viyah  (Club Mix) - DJ Harpz
14- Maa Diye Lado (Desi Mix) - DJ Harpz
15- Giddeh Vich (Club Mix) - Avtar Safri
16- Dholla Veh Dholla (Instrumental)
17- Reshmi Garara (Instrumental)
18- Friendship (Instrumental)