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Khalid - Lehngah (Out Now) - Promos



Khalids Profile:

I was born in Jagrawan Faisalabad, Pakistan. My family moved from Jagrawan from Punjab, India after the Partition. I had passion for singing at a very early age of 12. I loved going to school functions and also tried to get chance to sing on stage. I once attended a wedding function in Faisalabad where Nazar Mohd was performing, I manage to sneak on stage and with the permission of Nazar Mohd I sang Nusrat Fateh Ali Khans – Vaadan Vichre Sajan Dian Ayian.

Nazar Mohd was really impressed with my performance. I asked if he would teach me, to my surprise and with a bit of persuasion he accepted. From then on I started singing with Nazar Mohd and continued singing for 2 years until I moved over to the UK.

Here in the UK the bhangra music industry it huge and theres a lot of demand for it, when I moved over here I immediately fell in love with Bhangra music.

From then I went on to join a Bhangra group called Huddersfield Boys Bhangra Group and I was lucky enough to become the lead singer, we performed in Pubs, Meleh and weddings all around the country! The response was amazing; from there I decided to work on an album. In 2005 I contacted and worked with some of the most talented writers, working with Mangi Mahal, Neela Bajuhewal, Dial Puri, Jagdeep, Rana Noor Pur Wala, Dev Nakother Wala.

The album has been produced by Bubs and music by Aman Hayer. Lehngah is supported by 4 videos, 2 being made in Bombay and 2 in Chandighar. Lehngah will be releasing in the UK mid July 2008.

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Track Listing:

01.   Lal Lehenghe Walea Ni 
02.   Lokaan Pani Main Kutdi
03.   Kise Koloon Hanane Ni
04.   Ik Din Apni Banaa Ke Teno Shadna
05.   Ni Teri Bilian Akhaan Da Surma
06.   Munda Chum Chum Deve Ni Rumaal
07.   Sajana Udaas Hoyan Akhian
08.   Kum Kum Ke Hai Nachane Waliae


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Khalid - Apni Banake (Lehngah )

Khalid - Kise Koloon Hanane Ni 

Khalid - Lal Lehenghe Walea Ni

Khalid - Lokaan Pani Main Kutdi