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Desi Dark Child - Blood Ties (out now)


***********BLOOD TIES PRESS RELEASE*********** 

Mr Kumar Badhan of Airex International Music, is delighted to announce the signing of producer Desi Dark Child. This musician has contributed most of his career to the music industry and with three successful albums (all created by himself and the Desi Dark Child team) Desi Dark Child will be a valuable asset to Airex International Music.

Desi Dark Child has worked with industry legends such as Mohan Mastana, Kuldip Manak, Surinder Shinda, Sabar Koti, Mohamed Sadiqe, Ranjeet Kaur, Rashpal Rasila, Moni Rasila, Sukwinder Panchi, Sucha Rangeela, Taz from Stereonation, Parwanna Sangeet, Silinder Pardesi, Achanack, Tru-Skool and Punjabi MC to name but a few. Desi Dark Child’s projects have always been diverse and numerous and will continue to please audiences of all ages across the globe.

"Every day brings new challenges and wonderful music, rhythm and cultural panoramas. I love what I do as its my permanent job and it continually opens up new futures, and the adventure is ever changing. We are very proud and happy that the crew’s abilities and as a composer, producer and musician we are recognized and appreciated by Airex International Music who can invest into our music and give us what we deserve" – Desi Dark Child. 
Airex International Music offers the largest selection music from all corners of the world. The catalogue covers a wide selection of genres and now includes Desi Dark Child’s new single “BLOOD TIES”. This singles release has been produced and dedicated towards the festival of Raksha Bhandhan, the blood relationships between brother and sister and is a very important day for many families across the world. All music is produced and manufactured in the UK at The Coffin Studios - owned by Desi Dark Child himself.

BLOOD TIES will be released on 7th August 2008 and will be available from all good record stores. 


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We hooked up with Desi Dark Child to bring you more about him ...

Desi Dark Child 


Under the guidance and support of Punjabi MC together with a strong musical heritage, Desi Dark Child is the culmination of several years of work to produce a new sound which captivates and epitomises the true essence and roots of real Punjabi music.  Desi Dark Child succeeds in taking a fresh approach by blending 80’s Hip Hop with a crossover of American urban/dance with new Punjabi lyrical styles. 

Desi Dark Child (aka Ranjit Jassal) is rarely discussed as a producer, since our vision of him is entrenched in the image of a live performer who has toured all over Europe playing live to audiences of over 250,000.  But Desi Dark Child has also proved his remarkable talent in the recording studio working alongside mainstream artists like Punjabi MC and Nevel Staples from the 80`s mainstream band Specials.  

He has also collaborated with Kendal Smith, Mahon Mastana, Surinder Shinda, Kuldip Manak, Mohamed Sadiqe, Sukhwinder Panchi, Sucha Rangeela Rashpal, Moni Rasila, Achanak, Ranjeet Kaur, Parwanna Sangeet, Silinder Pardesi and Taz from Stereo Nation. The latest offering of Desi Dark Child’s workmanship is featured on True Skools album called RAW as FOLK where the percussion and the vocals by Kaka Bhainawala have been mastered and recorded by him at the Coffin Studios.   

As an already accomplished performer, arranger, and songwriter, Desi Dark Child feels that the current music scene has lost its way.  Whilst artists like Juggy D, H Dahmi and Raghav are ‘cool’ for the younger MTV generation, Desi Dark Child understands that it is now time for a return to our roots and a return to real Punjabi music with its raw hardcore dholki sounds as heard from across the globe before we westernised the beats.  

He describes his music as an “innovative fusion between desi and the dark side of real Punjabi music”.  His passion for ‘real’ music is widely noted in a recent interview:  

As a child I was raised on the works of Surinder Shinda, Chamkila and Kuldip Manak.  They are the real dons of dark desi music.  I also feel that most modern music is not true desi and is misleading for our culture and our mother tongue.  My aim is to create funky tunes with proper Punjabi lyrics overlapped with traditional music and layered with Phat vocalists who have been forgotten in this commercial world.  When people listen to my work they will appreciate the pure desi Bhangra tunes which will take them on a nostalgic trip back to the golden age of desi anthems”. 

Desi Dark Child has a long musical history which began at the tender age of 6 when he played as a percussionist for his local School Steel Band in the West Midlands.  It was clear to see that from such an early age Desi Dark Child was a gifted musician and it was an absolute certainty that a successful life long career in the music industry awaited.  His talents did not go unnoticed and at the age of 11 he was tutored by a professional teacher who had worked with 80’s band The Specials, who had a number of chart hits within the UK & Europe mainstream music industry.   

The transition from student to a seasoned professional performer evolved naturally and his love for live performing showcased his unique abilities and complimented his style of ‘real’ Punjabi music perfectly.   

More recently, Ranjit Jassal was responsible for the deep dholak beats which resonated on the track Challa, produced for Punjabi MC’s Legalised album.  He has also contributed to Achanak’s Bhangra-ology album with the classic-styled track Putt Sardara Da.  The future release Akk Largi, sees Jassal once again collaborate with Silinder Pardesi, and is sure to be the number that will not go un-noticed. Desi Dark Child has currently been in the studio with the Surjit Sahota who also has given inspiration to him. As for sounds the key holder of the Sahotas band sounds was coordinated and engineered and mastered by Purdy Bhogal. Desi Dark Child has also had the greatest opportunity to work with his favourite bands of all times in the bhangra industry and worked closely with experienced studio mixer / mastering King Purdy Bhogal.    

Curfew is Desi Dark Child’s debut album and has been released through Nachural Records in 2006. The album, which has been 2 years in the making, includes an impressive roster of top UK and Indian singers, including the famous Didar Sandhu, Sanek Lata Kaur, K Deep, Jagmohan Kaur, Mohamed Sadiqe, Ranjeet Kaur, Sarinder Kaur and Asa Singh Mastana.  The album also features many eminent songwriters including Rana Chackwala and Gulshinder Mann Moholawala.   

Curfew, with its traditional Dhol beats and Tumbi breaks, together with that Desi Dark Child magic, is a sure-fire number one album that will re-establish our desi roots and culture as a mainstream medium alongside the current crop of Asian R&B and Urban music.  With his unique sound together with the backing of international producers and songwriters Desi Dark Child is sure to be the hottest act in modern Desi Raw music. 

Desi Dark Child has demonstrated his ambition to help those in need by finishing a charity album.  Released in 2007 the record is dedicated to the SOS Orphans Children’s Villages Charity for South Asia.  The album is to help raise money to give unfortunate children a better life and education. All proceeds from the sales of this album have been and continue to be donated to the charity. 

Desi Dark Child is now in the process of finishing his forth project for 2008 with a release under his new label Airex International Music. The single Blood Ties is to hit the streets on the 1st August 2008. Desi Dark Child’s instrumental for the TV show “DESI PHANGA” hosted by Jin and Kunal can now be heard on Brit Asia TV.




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