Bikram Singh - Tip Top (OUT NOW!)

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Bikram Singh - Pehle Tor Di Sharaab & Telephone (Video)

Bikram Singh - Tip Top Putt Jatt Da (Video)

The album is out NOW! You can LEGALLY download the album HERE


After chart-smashing international success with his last compilation, American Jugni, Bikram Singh rages back onto the Punjabi music scene with another hot album, Tip Top! Ik Waari Aja features the hot young vocalist Gunjan, which along side Aashiqaan De Dill made it to the top ten BBC network’.s charts.  Bikram’s popularity is ever-growing, but the artist knows his base, “The fans can always expect great music from me.  The new album has some amazing dance songs, and songs with inspiring messages

Bikram, the embodiment of Punjabi folk music in the new millennium, has his feet firmly planted in the Punjabi soil. He conquered the North American, European, and Asian charts with his golden voice, his masterful lyrics, and his urban attitude.  Bikram brings the folk roots of his people's music to the forefront of global culture. The beats behind Bikram's lyrics represent a diverse range of musical genres, but his verses and style have always come from the same Punjabi core. "An artist's music has to be honest, you can't pretend to be something that you're not” says the rising star.

Bikram’s unique style brings a diverse batch of talent to the new album.  Kam Frantic from the UK, Josh of Montreal, Sunil Sehgeal from Jersey, and the world famous Tigerstyle of Scotland all contribute. Bikram has already filmed two videos, for the playful Telephone and the title track Tip-Top, and is now working on touring Europe, India, the States and Australia. 

“Music was always around me. I began writing at a very young age, and continued writing until one day I was playing around with music software and recorded what I had written. It sounded pretty good”

At the age of twelve Bikram immigrated to Queens, New York, from Punjab. He was looking for a medium to express himself. Bikram began emulating his favorite Punjabi superstars: Kuldip Manak, Surinder Shinda, and Yamla Jatt.  

“When people responded positively to my music, my interest grew even more, to the extent that I decided to do music professionally.”

By 2001, Bikram produced his own tracks, which he debuted at an Open Mic Night in Greenwich Village. "The response that night was amazing, it was so positive. I mean, people loved my stuff". Bikram’s fans loved his easy-going personality and so did the producers who were keen to work with the rising star. Soon Bikram exploded the boundaries between Punjabi folk lyricism and Asian Underground electronica. He teamed up with New York's DJ Navdeep to record the underground hit ‘Aa Gayee’. Bikram took his show on the road with Punjabi MC at Summerjam 2003, when he sang Beware Of The Boyz for a 20,000 strong crowd and shared the stage with LL Cool J, Nas, and Lil' Kim. Since then Bikram has toured all over Europe and the UK, Vegas, Los Angeles, Northern California and, of course, NYC.

The 2004 mix-tape Exclusives was the culmination of this young artist's experimental stage. He worked with Global Soul recording artist Shakti to produce ‘Do the Thang Thang’, which quickly found its niche on the radio rotations of NYC's Hip Hop mainstays Hot 97 and Power 105. Also on the album were the Tigerstyle-produced hits Taakre and Nachna.   With the British-produced American Jugni, Bikram brought two major Bhangra producers (Tigerstyle and Ravi Bal) on one album, a feat unheard of in the UK music scene.

Tigerstyle topped all European charts and brought an urban precision previously unknown in Punjabi music. Tigerstyle put the beat behind Bikram's hit track Kawan (featuring Gunjan), a duet about two separated lovers. The song was a major hit in the UK, Europe, and North America, and made epic waves in India. Says the rooted singer: "You have to keep tied to the folk elements and I never forget the history, our history."

The album is out NOW! You can LEGALLY download the album HERE

Track Listing:

01 - Naagni

02 - Aashiqan De Dil

03 - Ik Waari Aaja - ft Gunjan

04 - Gidhian Di Rani

05 - Akhiyan'ch Tu Vasdi - ft Josh

06 - Tip Top Put Jatt Da

07 - Telephone

08 - Solwa Saal

09 - Mein Boli Punjabi

10 - Dil Sanu De Mutiyare

11 - Pehle Tor Di Sharaab

12 - Ik Waari Aaja - Bandish Projekt

     "Come Back" Remix (Bonus Track)


0 #29 Guest 2008-10-18 22:17
TIP TOP [censored]HEAD LOL
0 #28 aightjattmaster 2008-10-15 19:34
not a bad album
good songs -
akhian\'ch tu vasdi with josh is a good song -
0 #27 Guest 2008-10-12 20:16
This album is VILE. One word. VILE.
0 #26 jaspal 2008-10-07 20:35
sik album

0 #25 Guest 2008-10-05 22:13
have to agree, got it from vip site paid full wack and album is retarted.

ik vaari aja n tip top r only good songs..even those are not on par with kawan american jugni, sada dil, chaklo gandasay


this album is obviously trying to appeal to the bhamans in india...

0 #24 Guest 2008-10-05 20:34
the album is a major disappointment, tigerstyle have messed up the production and bikram messed up his vocals what a combination.
0 #23 MUSIC Lover 2008-10-04 17:48
Don\'t buy these songs from VIP RECORDS.These are DRM Protected WMA.So you wont be able to put them to ur personal audio player.

or waist ur time in finding various programme\'s to covert them to MP3 :woohoo:

Album is good.Video\'s look cheap and downgrade :s
0 #22 Guest 2008-10-04 09:36
u can listen to each track on vip website n then buy em!
0 #21 Jeeves 2008-10-04 09:10
If anyone has got da album can they put dem on youtube so i culd listen to dem
0 #20 Guest 2008-10-03 17:06
LOOOL at the comment it really that bad? i didnt like what i heard in the videos but i thought he might be savin some of the good shit for the album.. :Pinch:
0 #19 Guest 2008-10-03 16:14
A waste of cd and the paper that the album info is printed on (think about all the trees that have been wasted cos this is simply a load of shit) Tigerstyle if this is a good production than join the others who have just gone downhill! yawn yawn whats on the tv :Pinch:
0 #18 Sukh 2008-10-03 11:33
The album is out now in all good asian music shops in the UK & for Digital Download via

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