Jeet Bhogal - All About Music (Exclusive Promos) - Out Now!

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Jeet Bhogal - born and raised in Birmingham , Handsworth the heart of the current Bhangra Industry. Jeet Bhogal (JB) Gifted in the art of Music has dedicated his time to producing and playing Music that impacts the soul.

Jeet is no new comer to the Bhangra Industry. He has a renowned reputation and is known as an all round musician, music producer and all star studio session man who now steps into the solo limelight as the premier singer, Music producer, Pianist (Keyboards) and a true performer in his much anticipated debut album.

From the tender age of 6 years, Jeet Bhogal was engrossed in the essence of music. Listening and learning classical music which was Jeet’s starting point to his musical career. Over the years his skills developed to a stage were you could literally give him any musical instrument and in a matter of minutes he would bring the instrument to life (no joke even if it is broken).


Having learnt traditional music laid down the solid foundation that later would bring him in to contact with some of the most renowned profiles of the current Bhangra industry.

Having played live with bands most of his Music career meant that Jeet was able to grasp the concept of live music in collaboration with the dance floor and what works both on and off stage. Performing to a live audience across the globe and being able to influence the dance floor shows the adaptability and flexible nature of his music.

Jeet has performed as a musician with the likes of DCS, Malkit Singh, Safri Boys, AS Kang, Pardesi Music Machine, Avtar Maniac, Sat-rang, Silinder Pardesi and more often with Harbhajan Talwar and many more…..

Many people will remember Jeet as the Lead Keyboardist for the Original XLNC band which had much success during the 90’s. Jeet was the music mind behind the huge album titled Kangana, out of which he produced one of the nations favourite love songs – “Pichely Junam di”. He was also the man behind Harbhanjan Talwar’s “Ranjana” album and very recently produced the track “Unbreakable Love” on the “Pasand” album. However, this doesn't even
come close to what JB is capable of.

JB has now completed the ultimate 13 track album which will blow your mind away. We at VIP can only say that it will be one of the best sounding albums of 2008. ‘All About Music’
will be releasing in the first week of May 2008 and will be releasing in UK, USA,

Canada, India and Australia. A taster of his album can be heard on Pure Desi 2
which will feature the acoustic version of the track “Ek Tara” demonstrating the piano playing skills of this talented young man!

The album ‘All About Music’ will be releasing 2nd May 2008. For more information on the album please visit

Click here for the Video




1) JB Intro
2) Ek Tara
3) Patola
4) Birmingham Da Munda
5) God Knows
6) JB Tappe
7) Phat Dill Dee
8) Patli Patang
9) Sari Raat
10) Heeriye
11) Sooniye
12) Acoustic God Knows
13) Acoustic Ek Tara


0 #95 mahi 2008-12-13 13:21
:cheer: i like ur all songs but i cant find d site where i can downloads that all songs...special ly ek tara wajda :!:
0 #94 Chocaholic 2008-10-05 22:23
Jeeeeeet Bhogallll...u luk lik ma gettin confused here!!! :s U got sum sik tunes thooo!!! B)
0 #93 MANA 2008-06-27 17:03
hehehhee mana got the album...but just liked 4 cousin lives in the USA..he has bought it 4 me...:-)
the songs i liked r:
\"god knows\"
\"patli patang\"
n \"ek tara\"
0 #92 Guest 2008-06-11 14:06
stupid joke remark \"par merah kool pasai nee hah\"

how you going to support the industry if you cant support yourself? or if we cant support each other?
0 #91 Avi-jatt 2008-06-11 00:42
I meant or what! lol
0 #90 Avi-jatt 2008-06-11 00:42
I brought this album for £10, well worth it and is that supporting the artist ot what!
0 #89 JT 2008-06-09 21:31
Piracy is bad karma!

People you have to wake up, downloading is not good for artists and its not good for the industry.

We all hate it when someone cheats or steals from us, but so many think that downloading is not cheating and stealing, when it blatantly is the wost kind.

Downloading means you steal from the artist, you steal form the record company and you steal from the industry which means you are stealing from our culture.

Just because you on a personal level don\'t like an artist does not make it right, you can not let your greed consume rational thought.

You can always go to the music shop and have a quick listen, you can hear from the friends and people who have brought it. If it or something about it resonates with you then get the original, if not don\'t bother.

The Asian community seems to work on the \"heard affect\" if someone does something then most people follow blindly. We as human beings are more intelligent then that we have brains to think for our selfs and influence our own minds. Just because someone else downloads... do not stoop to their level and loose your integrity.

This goes out to everyone and is not just applicable to this post.

We as a culture are not greed driven but have fallen into it.

If you steal the universe will steal from you, its the way it works. What you give is what you receive and what you receive is what you give!!

Karma means actions

Piracy is bad karma!

What you do is in your hands and ultimately no one else is responsible for your actions.
0 #88 Guest 2008-06-09 16:11
par merah kool pasai nee hah
0 #87 Guest 2008-06-07 23:17
lol its vip and their album isnt found for download - so poor sales prove that the album wasnt the best :D yes buy support but was this worth the money :-?: :idea: :!:
0 #86 music 2008-06-07 23:03
people please for the love of punjabi music buy the original CD. or dont get it at all.. and i aint the richest man in the world but if i really like a album i wud save up and buy that album jus to support the industry.. cus being punjabi the music naturally is in our blood. so please protect the future of punjabi music and stop downloading and buy the original albums. please buy the original! JUST [censored]ING DO IT!
0 #85 Guest 2008-06-03 22:07
This is too funny :lol:
0 #84 Guest 2008-06-03 22:05
or electron: an elementary particle with negative charge

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