Ride It Remix ? Jay Sean feat. Ajaxxx

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Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Orlando, FL – On this special day, Ajaxxx has released yet another hit from his forthcoming mixtape, The Set-Up. The “Ride It Remix” features the sensuous vocals of R&B singer Jay Sean combined with the enticing rhymes of rapper Ajaxxx. As ‘Jaxxx steps to the mic, he raps, “I’m chillin’ with some women and sippin’ on my drink, Bacardi and lime, that’s when we had our eyes link,” escalating the seductive mood which the song sets.
On Valentine’s Day, there’s no doubt that women are falling for this Florida-based rapper, as his “game’s so tight that it speaks for itself.” Ajaxxx is the “kinda guy that you can vibe with,” wooing the ladies with this song. But seriously though - what else did you expect?
Since Jay Sean released the video for “Ride It,” and perhaps even before, many have attempted to rap over its alluring beat. None, however, have truly been convincing. Search YouTube or Google for “Ride It Remix” and you’ll find nothing remotely comparable to Ajaxxx’s version. He tackles the track with a smooth and nonchalant flow, but at the same time keeps it grown and sexy.
Make sure you stay tuned for Ajaxxx’s newest mixtape, “The Set-Up,” which will feature the “Ride It Remix.”


mr grimer
0 #3 mr grimer 2008-09-04 17:47
the song is safe
Nikki and Fizzi
0 #2 jay seanNikki and Fizzi 2008-06-16 14:58
i am truly disgusted dissappointed disollutioned and disturbed that you would even accept him as a singer :-x :evil: :angry:
0 #1 ride itazeela 2008-04-16 11:31
i love the new remix of ride it and keep the up love from azeela :lol:

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