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Ananda Sen - Set Me Free



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“Set Me Free” -By: Tirusha Dave

When California-based vocalist, Ananda Sen, is behind the mic, his lyrics suggest multiple feelings at no cost. He persuades his listeners to love, fancy, and admire, devoid of any risks which these emotions may appoint. Those passionate to music understand that an artist’s songs must embrace ideas which hold themselves important to that artist’s listeners and Ananda does just that. Anyone who follows his lyrics realize they are anything but superficial because a listener can find one characteristic of the song and relate to it on a personal level.




A singer’s substance develops over time; substance meaning inspirations, aspirations and relationships which have occurred in his life, directing the course of his ingenuity and creativity. After listening to Ananda’s songs, one can easily avow that there isn’t any other artist like him, who is able to be so skillful and talented at rendering the vagaries of unrequited love with such humble and assiduous clarity as he does.


Carrying a soulful yet powerful voice on each track, Ananda is able to sing his heart out, even as he explores multiple genres while maintaining cohesive songwriting.  It is no accident that when Ananda takes on a project, he shows his full efforts, discovering new possibilities to let his musical influences come together.


Of all the songs which Ananda has recorded to date, “Set Me Free” has to be my ultimate favorite. When I first heard this song, it was the ten-second ‘old-school Bollywood’ intro which immediately caught my attention; thereafter, it was the strumming of the guitar and the rest, well, is history! When listening to this song, nobody can realize that it would even have Bhangra-flavor to it! I don’t know if it was the beat itself or Ananda’s sultry vocals which mesmerized me for the entire 4 minutes and 17 seconds, but it’s obvious after listening to this song that it is far beyond comparable with anything else out there.


Currently Ananda is on a mission, which he started in the summer of 2007, to write and record one song a week for 52 weeks. Into the 23rd week, Ananda is going strong and releasing one smash-hit after another.




So what does the future hold for Ananda? “I’m releasing my first full-length album in April,” he explained. “But I’m definitely going to keep going with this project until I’ve hit my goal of 52 songs released.  So far the song-a-week project has been a great opportunity for me to evolve as an artist and work with some amazing musicians.  We’ve had a great time writing and recording the first 22 songs, and we only have 30 to go, which reminds me, I have to get back to work….”


Take a listen to Ananda’s other twenty-two songs on his website and you’ll have a further appreciation surrounding the art of music – I know I have.


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Photo Credits: Yashraj Dhillon