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Various - Drop (Out Now)

The UK Asian Bhangra industry is fading hard. True desi heads are turning to the East or having to wait months for their favorite uk artist’s next release and there’s only a selected few of high quality. Many labels are launched with the promise of delivering quality. Many fail to Prepare, most prepare to fail.

Now is the time for bringing all real Desi fans together. Now is the time for talent, proper talent to be delivered. Our team has been locked away for the past two years preparing to deliver a shockwave of light to the UK Asian Bhangra Industry.

Now is the time ladies and gentlemen for Liquid Records...

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1. Nain Preeto Deh - Mukki G - Northern Lights

2. Gubrhu - Kaka Bhaniawalla - Palli & Nilli

3. Billo - Kuldip Manak - Real Deal

4. Haan di - Ludoo - Palli & Nilli

5. Aish - Rai Khalsi - Real Deal

6. Baggeh Baggeh - Sani Surinder - Northern Lights

7. Kurti - Garima - Dr Ghost

8. Dil Mangdi - Sani Surinder - Palli Nilli

9. Haan Veh - Garima - Dr Ghost

10. Mundraan - Sani Surinder - Real Deal

11. Galaa Duet - Garima//Preet - Northern Lights

The Drop is set to release December 21st priced at only £4.99, so if you like what you hear make sure you go out and buy the album and SUPPORT the artists.