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Renegades III: Desi Hip Hop Revolution

Washington D.C. – One producer is on a mission to bring forth the best talent to emerge from the South Asian community. Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions is working with some of the freshest and hottest talent this scene has to offer.

Renegades III: Desi Hip Hop Revolution is the third part in his musical mission. By mixing hip hop rhythms with Indian beats and adding an array of exceptional vocalists, Sureet is able to create a musical masterpiece by bridging the gap between these two musical cultures. Balancing a professional career and having the time to sit-down and produce music requires immense skill – which we're aware Sureet possess. Not only does he work with top urban Desi artists,  Sureet also looks for the opportunity to give these artists a chance to shine in the limelight.

Renegades III: Desi Hip Hop Revolution is one of the biggest releases of the year. After months in the making, Renegades III is a 43-track, double-disc monster!

AG Dolla Ajaxxx, Kaly, One Signata Nach, Raja WilcoRaxstarSir Aah and Swami Baracus are just a few of the many artists you'll hear rocking over Sureet's beats. After you hear Renegades III: Desi Hip Hop Revolution , you'll know what the future of music sounds like.

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Artist Testimonials:

"It was mad cool collaborating with Sureet on this project. Whereas other producers might be hard to work with sometimes, Sureet is always down to listen to your ideas and tailor the beat to your style. I had a good time working with him, and hope to do it again in the near future." Ajaxxx

"He's got great energy, allows the artist to go in whichever direction they feel. I think the craziest thing is his body of work! I was told he would be sending me a beat and I received at least five E-mails with five attachments each all being beats and was told to simply pick and use whichever ones I liked!" Kaly


"He's a very musical person and eclectic like me which makes working with him that much more fun too besides having great chemistry. He's actually become a friend throughout the years now. Also, Sureet is willing to work with you as an artist to let you do really whatever you want plus takes chances with his style. He always keeps it fresh with his sounds." Raja Wilco