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Having worked with some of the best names in the Urban South Asian music industry, one producer is on a mission to bring-forth the best talent o emerge from our community.
Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions is working with some of the freshest and hottest talent in today’s South Asian urban music industry.of is working with some of the freshest and hottest talent in today’s South Asian urban music industry.


In a time when America should be coming together with liberty and freedom, we are, turning away from that very idea. America is run by "authority," and we’re gearing away from the Democratic values which were instilled by our "Founding Fathers," who wrote the Constitution. One of the first names associated to the production house of Digital Desi is that of, Raja Wilco. As Raja Wilco gets ready to release his first single for mainstream audiences – gearing at the idea that there is, indeed, something going on, and nobody is doing anything about it.


Something’s Goin’ On," produced by Sureet of Digital Desi Productions, and co-produced by Sameer Agrawal, is a song to bring forth this idea of "authority," and how it is has taken over the American way of thinking. With a combination of ever-lasting musical talents, "Something’s Goin’ On" creates an exhilarating unification of music and politics – steering away from what is typically heard from an urban South Asian artist. Within this song, one will still find the uniqueness and refreshing essence which Wilco brings forth through all his songs.


When asked what it was like to work with Sureet, Wilco simply stated, "He's a very musical person and eclectic like me which makes working with him that much more fun too besides having great chemistry. He's actually become a friend throughout the years now. Also, Sureet is willing to work with you as an artist to let you do really whatever you want plus takes chances with his style. He always keeps it fresh with his sounds."


Sureet also had the opportunity to team up with well-known producer Sunit, and they have collaborated to bridge the gap between the US and UK, with their latest release, "
Too Strong." With such impeccable musical production, along-side the vocals of Raxstar, "Too Strong," is a track which breaks away from the norms of Hip-Hop music. "Too Strong," will be releasing in September and featured on Sureet’s latest mixtape, Renegades Volume 3 - 'Desi Hip Hop Revolution'.


Carrying the track with a melodic beat, lyrics such as, "No, I won't let you break me down," repeat throughout, reiterating to the listeners that nothing and nobody should ever bring one down. Throughout this track, Raxstar is able to put his thoughts into rhythms that flow passionately. Sureet Sandhu. Sunit. Raxstar. No matter what you want to call these three, they are what they are: a devoted producer, a focused composer, and moreover, a fierce emcee.

Orlando-based rapper, Ajaxxx, has been working with many different producers, but on his latest Desi-tango, he collaborated with Sureet and the outcome was a track called "Disco." Combining the animated and intense rapping style of Ajaxxx and giving the track and old-school Bollywood twist, Sureet produced a dance track which will keep you on your toes all night long!


"It was mad cool collaborating with Sureet on this project," said Ajaxxx. "Whereas other producers might be hard to work with sometimes, Sureet is always down to listen to your ideas and tailor the beat to your style. I had a good time working with him, and hope to do it again in the near future."


Producing. Who's in control of this art?

Sureet Sandhu is.

Balancing a professional career, a beautiful baby daughter and having the time to sit-down and produce music requires immense skill – which we’re aware Sureet has. Not only does Sureet work with known Urban Desi artists, but he also looks for the opportunity to give up-coming Urban Desi artists a chance to shine in the limelight.


Hailing from New Jersey, MC-on-the-rise, Kaly, has a mission to make his name known around the world, and he won't stop until he's known to everyone. Working alongside
Sureet Sandhu, Kaly is bound to make that happen. These two have teamed to release, "She's Like The Wind," and "I'm a Dreamer." With Sureet's magical touch on the beats and Kaly's versatile flow, you will be left with no choice but to put the tracks on repeat! Along with "Too Strong," and "Something’s Goin’ On," these two tracks will also be featured on Renegades Volume 3 -'Desi Hip Hop Revolution' Mixtape.


Kaly had nothing but praise to say about this happening producer! "He’s got great energy, allows the artist to go in whichever direction they feel," he stated. "I think the craziest thing is his body of work! I was told he would be sending me a beat and I received at least five E-mails with five attachments each all being beats and was told to simply pick and use whichever ones I liked!"


Highlights of Sureet’s Production Career:

10/26/07 - Within 24 hours of release, "Something's Goin' On" has been playlsited on BBC Asian Network Show hosted by Adil Ray, pulling in thousands of listeners every day. Raja Wilco's latest track has been listed as Adil's "Big One." So show your support and vote for "Something's Goin' On" featured on the new Renegades III Mixtape!!

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9/17/07 - 'I'm a Dreamer' by Kaly track listed and makes Friction's Top Five track list on the BBC Asian Network

9/15/07 - 'Transformers' by Tha Indianz and 'I'm a Dreamer' by Kaly both track listed on Galaxy FM's Global Asian Sounds Show by Manga

8/20/07 - 'Too Strong' by Raxstar track listed and makes Friction's Top Five track list on the BBC Asian Network

8/4/07 - 'Turn The Page' by One Signata Nach & 'Don't Pass Me By' by Sir Aah both track listed on Galaxy FM's Global Asian Sounds Show by Manga

8/1/07 - 'Don't Pass Me By' by Sir Aah track listed on Nitelife Radio

7/21/07 - 'Nach With It' by One Signata Nach track listed on Galaxy FM's Global Asian Sounds Show by Manga


5/30/07 - 'Something About These Women' feat. Sir Aah feat Raxstar playlisted on Bobby and Nihal's show on BBC's Radio 1 for five straight weeks


5/26/07 - 'Stand Strong Remix' feat. Sir Aah and Raja Wilco playlisted on the Mic Check Show on BBC Asian Network


5/17/07 - 'Mail Order Bride' by Kerfew playlisted on the Panjabi Hitsquad Show on BBC's 1Xtra


5/12/07 - 'Renegades' by RKZ track listed on Galaxy FM's Global Asian Sounds Show by Manga


5/9/07 - 'Renegades' by RKZ was track listed on The Hype Show on BBC, hosted by DJ Kayper


5/01/07 - Mentor My Demo Competition (May Edition) features: WHAT GOES AROUND (REMIX) by RKZ (Digital Desi Productions)


12/16/06 - Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions is Producer of the Week on Galaxy FM's Global Asian Sounds Show by Manga. Tracks playlisted: 'Unforgettable' by Spendoe, 'Stop 4 a Second' by Loominus, and 'The General' by Raja Wilco.


12/11/06 - 'Unforgettable' by Spendoe is #2 on Friction's Top Five track list on the BBC Asian Network


9/20/06 – Raja Wilco's track 'The General' is # 1 on Bobby Friction & Nihal’s Top 5 Tunes list on BBC’s Radio 1


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