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Jazzy B, Kaur B and Amrit Maan - Shikaar (Out Now)

This may be the biggest Punjabi music collaboration we have seen in months. Jazzy B, Kaur B and Amrit Maan have announced that they will be releasing a track named "Shikaar" on October 7th with Speed Records.

The lyrics for this track have been written by Amrit Maan himself with music from Preet Hundal. "Shikaar" in Punjabi translates to "Hunt", we will have to wait and see what this track is about.

This will mark the 3rd track that Jazzy B and Kaur B have worked together with Mitran De Boot and Attwadi being the other 2. Now mix in the vocals of Amrit Maan and now this track gets bigger and better and has the potential to blow up and top the music charts all around the world!

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