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Kulwinder Billa - Antenna (Out Now)

Kulwinder Billa has announced that he will be releasing a new track titled "Antenna" which he also calls Timetable 3. If this is anything like the first 2 tracks it will be an instant hit in the Punjabi music industry!

Timetable and Timetable 2 are still huge tracks in the industry and are still Bhangra tracks that are being played on dancefloors worldwide, Billa has had a very strong couple of years now with the releases of those 2 tracks along with hits such as DJ Wajda and Gutt Naar Di.

Kulwinder has had a busy year releasing many tracks, and has become a fan favourite he recently released 2 Mahine and Kho Na Baitan and we look forward to seeing what will be coming from him next!

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