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Aman Sandhu & Bups Saggu - Murga (Out Now)

Here’s something for you to contemplate Driving + Dancing like Govinda = Chicken!

This may sound like an equation that is not thinkable, or one that perhaps generated a smile when reading. But this is the true ingenious intellect of two very talented and well known International artists in the Desi scene across the globe today.

On one side we have the gifted vocals of the dashing Aman Sandhu, who has been developing vertically for the past few years with ongoing success on tracks such as Record, Dream Girl, Giddeh Vich and the more recent smash hit collaboration Drive.

One the other side you have the signature sounds of UK based heart throb producer Bups Saggu, who has been gifting the masses and exciting crowds throughout the globe for many years. Evergreen hits such as Punjabi Hurrr, Drama Queen, Miss Kaur and the more recent smash hit Collaboration Dance like Govinda to name a few.

Aman Sandhu’s last release “Drive” saw him collaborate with world famous producer PBN and Rupinder Handa on what has been touted as one of the biggest duets of 2016. The song was shown on TV screens across the globe and achieved both highest Panjabi music entry and playlist bragging rights at the BBC Asian Network. The official video has clocked near to a million hits on YouTube and has enjoyed viral success, with fans sharing their own videos dancing to the song on Social media from many countries including Mexico, Argentina, USA and UK.

Bups Saggu’s last release “Dance like Govinda” surprised the world, as he collaborated with his good friend and world famous star, Jassi Sidhu. They put together an eccentric dance number. The surprise came from having the Bollywood sensation and legend of dance that had us all trying to copy his moves in the eighties, (come on admit it) Govinda gracing his presence in the video thus giving his blessing to four minutes of heart thumping and shoulder shaking beats, which have accumulated a massive two million hits on YouTube.

Their collaboration “Murga” sees both Aman Sandhu and Bups Saggu come together for the first time and bring a completely new concept. One that will be relatable to many people throughout the world. The song has been inked by the famous Daljit Chitti and tells the story about a guy who is hung up on his last love interest. He carries the one photo he has of her with him wherever he goes. Through the song he tells his story and is consoled with the advice to forget and move forward by burning this last memory under the fire, on which coincidently the lads are making their signature chicken dish. Told you it’s not your typical desi lyrics.

The story is told in a quirky, humorous, uplifting way and is complimented by amazing desi percussion and beats we have become familiar to associate with the name Bups Saggu.

The team have not cut any corners in the end to end delivery of this creation with a video ready to launch on PTC on 5th August that has been directed by the world famous Frame Singh, responsible for the recent Jazzy B smash hit “Leap Wala Saal”

Murga will entice many people throughout the world to shake their shoulders like previous releases from both artists. I’m not one for placing bets, but if I was I’d bet that this will become another evergreen anthem played by DJs and another that sees viral success.