Kulwinder Billa - 12 Mahine (Out Now)

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Kulwinder Billa is one of the biggest names in the Punjabi music industry the past year and he has been working extremely hard on new tracks along with a tour which featured several artist.

He has announced that his new single '12 Mahine' which means 12 Months will be releasing on July 31st. We can expect this track to be HUGE, he has been gaining momentum ever since the release of DJ Vajda and hasnt looked back since.

Billa has had many chart toppers already in just the past year including DJ Vajda, Timetable, Timetable 2, Gutt Naar Di and most recently Kho Na Baithan.

Make sure to look out for it on July 31st and to download it legally on Itunes.

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