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Ranbir Daskai - Yaad (A Tribute To Sardool Sikander Ji)

3Q Records & 3Q Media presents the return of “Ranbir Daskai” with his brand new single ‘Yaad’. The single is a tribute to the legendary ‘Late Sardool Sikander Ji’.

Ranbir said “I am humbled to have this opportunity to pay my respects to the King of Melodies ‘Suraan Da Sikander Ji’ , ‘Amar Noorie Ji’, ‘Sarang Sikander’, ‘Alaap Sarang Sikander’ and to all his fans worldwide. I have been fortunate to be part of this rich musical heritage. I was initiated in to music by my father ‘Lakhbir Wahiwala’ and then received further guidance from my Thaya ji ‘Daljit Neer’ (shahgird of ‘Ustad Gamdoor Aman Ji’) and Ustad ‘Sardool Sikander Ji’.

I have some amazing memories with you and not a single day passes without listening to your heavenly voice. The unconditional love and blessings you have given me and the guidance of what music is will live with me forever. I’d also like to thank my family, 3Q Records, Sanket and my older brother Bilu Neer for his continuous support and guidance”.

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