Desi Dark Child - America

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DESI DARK CHILD records are proud to announce the first release of 2021. The single is titled AMERICA!

DDC Records anticipate to release the romantic song on the 25th March 2021. This song is for everyone around the world that knows the feeling when a loved one leaves or even has passed away. At some stage since 2020 we all have recently felt this kind of sadness due to the Covid pandemic with so many lives that have gone from us.

After many years DDC is bringing back Mandeep Bal who has gone through intense vocal coaching since DDC released his last song titled Balori Akk back in 2011. It is important that whoever wants to becomes a singer should go through some form of training and most importantly know the scale of where they can sing. MANDEEP has been trying his hardest and as it’s all music related we as producers should keep our ears open and give support to those who are willing to take risks and have taken vocal coaching to improve there talent.

You will be able to download this song on all professional download distribution sites. DDC records have provided a lyrical video with a simple basic understanding for the song. Song such like this with powerful music does not require a glorified video. Some songs get spoiled with over the top videos that do not relate to the message the song is delivering.

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