Harry Pannu - Yaar Behli

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CHECK ONE RECORDZ present RED VALVE with their follow up to Group Jatt Da, and this time they've teamed up with HARRY PANNU with Yaar Behli!

This track features the vocals of HARRY PANNU (the vocalist behind RUN THE RHYTHM) and the music of Birmingham born & bred due RED VALVE (the producers behind the hit track GROUP JATT DA). The lyrics are penned by UK born and bred lyricist DHAMI AMARJIT who also penned Run The Rhythm and Group Jatt Da. All of the aforementioned artists are signed to our UK record label CHECK ONE RECORDZ and are bringing a unique flavor of music to the scene. This is the NINTH release from ourselves and we have only been running since March 2020 - what a year it's shaping up to be!

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