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Gurvinder Singh - Kim K

“Kim K” is the brand-new single By Gurvinder Singh featuring the vocals of Ashok Pathan & LT. The track describes how a beautiful girl is compared to celebrity / model Kim Kardashian. This is song is the first time Gurvinder Singh has taken to co-writing lyrics.

Gurvinder Singh states:

“This project is something different to what I would usually do but I thought I'd take a risk and try something out of the ordinary. My previous project "Princess of Punjab" showed a more serious side to my tracks with deep meaningful lyrics, this track is a comical track and something to make you smile as you hear it.

This is a special project for me, as it's my first where I have had major involvement in creating lyrics. I've been listening to the track for the last 2/3 months and I think it sounds great, I hope you enjoy listening to my work!”

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