Mukhtar Sahota & Debi Makhsoospuri - Koka Ishq Da

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Music Producer ‘Mukhtar Sahota’ and hugely talented lyricist and vocalist ‘Debi Makhsoospuri’ have come together with a dancefloor track, ‘Koka Ishq Da’.

The Music is by Mukhtar Sahota, vocals and lyrics by Debi Makhsoospuri. The video is by Sahib Sekhon and the UK shoot and photography was by Bindi Sandhu and Gurjant Singh. The backing vocals are by J Deep Singer & Sandeep Sahota. This project was completed pre-lockdown!

Koka Ishq Da is a Bhangra dance track with powerful vocals by Debi Makhsoospuri combined with Mukhtar Sahota’s signature sound which is out now and available on all leading digital platforms.

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