Des-C ft. Priti Menon - Sayoni

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After the successful release of “I Like Noodles” few months back. Des-C now comes to us with his 1st ever Valentines single set on the horizon ‘Sayoni’

Travel back in time as two lovers (Des-C & Priti Menon) are mysteriously reunited with one another through a past life.

At the start, the listener is taken back by surprise with the heavenly voice of Priti setting the tone of what is to come.

Des-C immediately takes the helm and gives a 360 spin with his unique and powerful voice. In this beautifully balanced duet, the couple romantically battle for one another’s love and affection.

The beat (produced by MIZBEATZ) offers an equally impressive concoction of a thumping, east meets west beat which marries into a catchy melody!

Sayoni features the amazing hidden vocal talents of the stunning Priti Menon who until now, has been in hibernation since her feature release in ‘Allah ke Bandeh’ with TazZ last year.

Self-Penned by Des-C, he uses long forgotten vocabulary to elevate the story and take it to new and modern melodic heights.

The song SAYONI has been directed & partly filmed by Des-C in Morocco Marrakesh while on tour with Priti.

Sayoni will be releasing independently on all major digital platforms on the 14th of Feb. through 5iveriverrecords & HatsOffUk… this one is definitely set to spark fires and melt hearts.

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