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Nikka Sev - Pajh Gaye

And just like that, the second release 'Pajh Gaye' from Nikka Sev’s sophomore album, ‘1501’, is upon us.

It’s becoming quite evident, given all of the releases over the past year, that Nikka creates music that resonates a particular sound of Panjabi music. A sound that is widely regarded as being the purest form – Panjabi Folk.

‘Pajh Gaye’ is no different. Featuring the unmistakable Ashok Gill, the depth of the vocals and the accompanying music speaks volumes about Nikka’s understanding, knowledge and sheer creativity in music direction and production.

Lyrics have been provided by Bilgiya Shangara, and touch on a topic that is all too common, not just in the Panjabi community, but all walks of life. The song speaks about how people will claim to be there for you in your time of need, but when that time comes, they’re nowhere to be seen.

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