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Mukhtar Sahota & Shammi Jalandhari - Faqeeriyaan

FAQEERIYAAN - A collection of Punjabi poetry written and recited by Australian Punjabi poet & lyricist Shammi Jalandhari with music composed by Mukhtar Sahota.

Internalmusic presents, ‘Faqeeriyaan’ an album showcasing the collaboration of British music composer Mukhtar Sahota and Australia based poet and lyricist Shammi Jalandhari. Mukhtar is recognised for his various music projects in Bollywood and Punjabi Films alongside single and album releases. Mukhtar has composed the ambient music score for the album ‘Faqeeriyan’ to compliment Shammi’s powerful voice and poetry. Shammi has previously worked with Mukhtar on various projects including the films ‘Kacche Dhaagey’ - song Kya Bathan, ‘Raja Abroadiya’ - songs Bheete Nahin Rehna & Banke Saanse and most recently the single, ‘Khaab’ featuring Manleen Rekhi.

Faqeeriyaan has 9 Punjabi poems that share romantic and sufiyana themes while also shedding light on issues of drug addiction, poverty, world peace, India - Pakistan relationship and many more social issues that are globally affected today. Faqeeriyaan is a great way to promote Punjabi literature through a project of this caliber, Shammi’s poetry can be easily understood and reached by those who cannot read Gurmukhi or Shahmukhi Punjabi script. The album provides an opportunity for people to enjoy poetry in this manner, an album that is calming and brings tranquility. Shammi has contributed outstanding work to Punjabi literature and has further forthcoming musical projects with Mukhtar Sahota.

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