Desi Dark Child /Records announce the album REGGAE WISDOM

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desi dark child

Desi Dark Child /Records are proud to announce the official press release of the album REGGAE WISDOM, which we anticipate to release late summer 2017.

After the success of the previous album “Reggae Feast” that was released in 2015 also wining award for the best album. DDC is back with another reggae album, which has all new songs & has amazing known vocalists with fresh lyrics.

This album has been shown to few reggae heads that are already stating it is a classic masterpiece that shows DDC progressing in music production styles. This album will take your breath away with fresh & different outlook with hook lines that will hit your soul & have you nodding your head.

Reggae Wisdom has been mostly written and produced by DDC along with the choice of singer’s who are featured on it like late Manpreet Akhtar (sister of late Dilshad Akhtar) who was also from a major musical back in the early 80’s. Manpreet Akhtar herself following in her brother’s footsteps has had a massive input in the world music industry as she went on to feature in the massive blockbuster Bollywood movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” singing along with Alka Yagnik & Udit Narayan.

All other top singers featured along side Manpreet Akthar are Master Rakesh, Pappi Gill, Ranjeet Mani, Sabar Koti, Lovepreet Lovi, Bawa Saini, Adeep Kaur, Sukhwinder Panchhi, Amar Singh, Balbir Mastana & Ashok Gill.


Firstly I would like to thank almighty god who has given me another opportunity to make music & given me chance to share with the world. Working with named singer known to all in the Indian music industry is such a honor & a surreal experience for me, specially when I met Manpreet Akhtar who was so humble & down to earth with so much music knowledge it made my life a little easier to work with her too.

I was so amazed how she was eager to get on with doing the songs & very Impressed at my project & concepts that I put forward to her. Every singer on this album has touched my heart in their way & I must add not one singer let me down, but delivered so much power & positive energy with amazing vocal quality to just how I wanted my album to sound, which sometimes can be very difficult to achieve.

I would like to thank all my dedicated fans & all media for supporting my music & giving the love to carry on. I personally thank all the Lyricists, Musicians, promo Editor and Cover Designers that work so hard behind the scenes who have dedicating time & energy in making this album good & possible for all to enjoy as the biggest key factor is teamwork.

How to get the album REGGAE WISDOM CD is email us & Pre-ordered by making a paypal payment. For other worldwide postage & packaging the rates may vary.

The album will be out on all digital known outlets worldwide.