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Dalvinder Singh 'Hogeya Crazy'

Hogeya Crazy is the first single to be released from the forthcoming and long awaited album Born To Singh.

This new single is an introduction to Dalvinder Singh back in the game!

As Dalvinder has had quite a bit of a break from the industry, this introduces him to many younger music fans as someone new, and to fans who already know of him as “That guy” who sang ‘Nachde Punjabi’ which opened that small door into Bollywood. Some may think it is nothing, but for a normal average Birmingham raised individual, it meant the world.

Hogeya Crazy gives listeners that sound that shows what Dalvinder’s style is all about and just the tip of the iceberg into what everyone forgot about Dalvinder, as he will soon present his album with that significant sound that you remember him for, or will grow to love.

The Song as well as the album has all been produced by Dalvinder himself, going back to how it was done when he first came onto the scene.

The lyrics to Hogeya Crazy have been penned by Sukha Kang from Surrey, Canada. Dalvinder has used Sukha previously and together they have a great working relationship on what works and how to make the song sound like THE song. Expect more from Sukha Kang in the forthcoming album Born To Singh too.

This here is now the introduction to the forthcoming album ‘BORN TO SINGH’

Dalvinder Singh is back!

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