Resham Singh Anmol releases Jio Wala Sim

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Resham Singh Anmol released the audio to his single entitled 'Jio Wala Sim' last month however he has now released his video! The music is composed by 13DB and the lyrics are penned by Gurnam Gama.

Over the months Resham has been busy with his album 'Urban Desi' which he will be releasing soon! Not just that..... he has been attending many shows and performing live at event across India and worldwide!

Having a look at his social media page he has taken a step out of his comfort zone and was recently shooting a video for his first duet song sung alongside the wonderful Sudesh Kumari!!! The music has been composed by the only and only Desi Crew! There is no further information regarding this track yet.

Resham has a great passion for music as he is always rehearsing during his free time. Not just that... he also gives his fitness the same importance as his career.

Check out his video to 'Jio Wala Sim.'

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