Nirmal Sidhu releases Chann Chann ft. Nesdi Jones

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Bhangra superstar Nirmal Sidhu has released his single entitled 'Chann Chann' alongside Nesdi Jones with music record label T-series. Nirmal Sidhu also penned the lyrics to the song and the music is by Dav Juss.

Nirmal's music career started from a young age which he progressed through his education. His songs such as 'Char Panj' alongside Miss Pooja and romantic song entitled 'Nai Jeena' is still a popular song played at weddings today!

The Welsh superstar Nesdi broke into the Bhangra scene with a chart-topping smash-hit anthem 'London' with Money Aujla and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Since her debut single she received the opportunity to work alongside K Singh to release her single ‘Tere Naal.’ Late last year she returned back to the music industry with her track 'Mast Jawani.'

Check out the track 'Chann Chann.'

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Nigel Farage
0 #2 Nesdi WhoNigel Farage 2017-05-02 09:24
Welsh Superstar.. who the F is Nesdi Jones.. SHe is wack
Manu Sara Petha
0 #1 RE: Nirmal Sidhu releases Chann Chann ft. Nesdi JonesManu Sara Petha 2017-04-25 18:31
This is an obsolete joke when has Nesdi think can rap let alone sing in Punjabi this kind of stuff should not be promoted and the lack of views says it all

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