Jin & Seetal release “Akhiyaan Milake'

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Jin & Seetal are back with their brand new single titled, “Akhiyaan Milake'.

This song explains what happens in the relationship between two people “when eyes meet together,” which is the translation of “Akhiyaan Milake.” Jin & Seetal bring you a unique song that is a fun-loving Punjabi song but, which is sure to set the hearts on fire of all the lovers on the dancefloor this Valentine’s day. The uniqueness of this song captures the wider multicultural community and includes a sing a long video that can be enjoyed word for word for a multicultural understanding.

This light-hearted song is produced by the world renown music producer, Kam Frantic who produces all the music for the famous hit sitcom “Citizen Khan” and has produced numerous amounts of super hit songs from the Bhangra Industry by working with top legendary artists. The lyrics are beautifully combined by the most talented lyricist, Happy Bains who has written many super hit songs for many famous artists.

“It was time we released a romantic type Punjabi song, as we have released a lot of songs about a boy and girl, as being a duet team, however this is opposite to “Kanjoosa Makhi Choosa” as that song was about a couple bickering over money and this song is about a boy and girl who fall in love at first sight.” Explains Seetal Kaur. “It was time we spin the subject of our songs around. We like to release different songs and this time we are aiming it to an even wider community.” Concludes Jinder Jade.

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