Introducing Gurpsy Kaur with her debut single Jatti Ne Phatte Chakkne

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Unique Studios Presents ... New Homegrown talent GURPSY KAUR. A fresh British female punjabi vocalist hailing from the streets of Wolverhampton. A sweet soulful voice mixed with Desi Beats & UK talent combined in one.

Her debut single "Jatti Ne Phatte Chakne" lyrics penned by UK's very own Sanj Megholwalia (singer / writer) who's lyrics have introduced the likes of Banger & Jaswinder Jassi Patandra, PBN Fitteh Moh Tere, Amar Arshi & Shin DCS to name a few.

The song is a family friendly punjabi dance track made to spin out to all the DJs, Panjabi audience, The chorus will defnitely get the ladies up on the dance-foor, singing and dancing along to the female empowering lyrics. Girl Power!

Gurpsy announced: "It's a pleasure to be working alongside Unique Studios , I can't wait for everyone to hear the song that we've put so much hard work , dedication and effort into. Look forward to seeing all you guys out there very soon.”


Jai Johal
-1 #2 GURPSY KAURJai Johal 2017-03-07 20:44
I think the music is too fast paced for the singer but her voice is great ... pitch is good, she is good looking also. Like most UK born Punjabi singers their Punjabi won't be perfect. I think she has done well considering it is her first single , she can only get better !

- Peace
+1 #1 RE: Introducing Gurpsy Kaur with her debut single Jatti Ne Phatte Chakknechinajatt 2017-02-14 08:33
music and lyrics are decent but th singers punjabi is weak should of learnt more or got a ustad would made it better

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