Exclusive Interview with Jimmy Shergill

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Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi is the latest Punjabi romantic thriller featuring Jimmy Shergill alongside Surveen Chawla. Kulwinder spoke to Jimmy about the forthcoming release ready to hit our silver screens on the 10th July.

Hey Jimmy,

Hello Kulwinder how are you?

Very well I hope the promotional are well. Tell me about your new character and the film Hero?

I can't disclose too much but it is a romantic thriller, it is a suspense kind of film. It is actually a true incident which occurred. The director Baljit Singh Deo and I got together, we were thinking of a story, he then narrated this particular story. At this point all of us in the room were like this needs to be a film.

It is a interesting story, something which has not been told before. Its something new in the Punjabi cinema. Its noir, it is a huge step from a producers and directors point of view as right now comedy is taking off, therefore this film brings action, thriller as well as suspense. However we should attempt to make films apart from comedy.


How was your first experience working with Surveen Chawla?

I have known her for a long time, we worked to get in Dharti in 2010/2011 so after a few years we have worked together. She has done a fantastic job, the character she plays is very powerful and she has done justice.

This is a romantic thriller, first time the Punjabi industry will be seeing this. how is this genre different in terms of acting?

The experience was fantastic. We shot the film in Canada, Vancouver, downtown, Vancouver Island, Victoria etc. Baljit our director is from there so he knew all the locations. This is a very visual orientated film, it required less dialogue.

We shot a song and it was shot all in different locations showcasing a timespan. We shot the film for 55 days, as it is a thriller a lot of post production had to be done in Canada and India which took the longest.

How are you feeling for the release?

It is great to do something out of the box. Actors are usually associated with a typical character however I feel it is nice to challenge yourself. I only do one film a year and this is what I aim to do something unusual. If this film works then it will be very nice for the punjabi industry, it will be a big step.

Either than that I am excited and want to see how the viewers react to this. People loved the thriller Dharti, it had a great response. Nonetheless, this is a romantic thriller, romantic is very universal. Someone who does not even speak Punjabi can go and watch the film as it is about the acting.

You've worked in punjabi cinema and Bollywood. Would you say that the Punjabi industry are now more risk-takers and like to invest more money?

Yes defiantly, as my producers and directors were very clear that they wanted to make something out of the box. But now I do feel the directors are up for challenges and are risk takers. I feel it is better to attempt something new rather than do what is popular, it is nice to take risks and gain new experiences.

What was your challenging scene?

What was challenging for me was the script. When doing scenes you have to talk a lot, in this film there is less dialogue the storytelling is different each scene is powerful and the body language does a lot of speaking.

What the first three things you look for when selecting a film?

First of all primarily the script has to be nice and interesting, secondly the character the director the producer and will the film be completed on time? These are factors which I look out for.

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Please go and watch Hero naam yaad rakhi releasing on the 10th July. If you want something fresh then please go and watch it. It is based on a true story and it is a 100 minutes story full of suspense, thriller, action.

Thank you and we wish you all the best for the release.

Interview By Kulwinder Kaur Kainth

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