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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 5.00 (1 Vote) caught up with lyricst/vocalist Major Maan who has just released his debut album 'Desi Roots'!

You've just released your debut album 'Desi Roots' – You must be feeling pretty good right now?

Of course I feel great, Desi Roots has had such a good response and the support has been amazing. It's been long and a lot of hard work but final got it done

The album featured a number of different producers, how did you decide what types of songs and sounds you wanted togo with?

I write and compose my own songs so already had a good idea of what I wanted. I have a good relationship with all the producers that I have worked with on this album and the music just fit right in with my songs. They are all greatly talented and just put together music as I was singing and explaining the vibes. There ideas worked with mine and we decided what sounds were right.

For you personally, what is your favourite song from the album & why?

Umm Gal ban ju. It's has a happy and cheeky feeling song. I like the way he is asking god for something but also added his own details into his request. I'm just really happy with this one

Do you think the market is designed for albums right now, if not why did you chose to go down this route for 'Desi Roots'

The market is always ready for albums. Why would it not be? I have many songs ready and thought why not put out an album with a lead song.

What is the most important piece of advice you could give upcoming singers looking to get into the music industry?

Before you write and before you sing you have to think about what you are saying, is this something you can listen to with your family. Think about families and respect your profession. Always care for them that give you time and love.

You began your career as a lyricist, can you let us know what songs so far you have written and for who?

My first was with Chugliyan by DJ Sang and more recently Aaj kal with H Dhami and GV. Sajana buy Vin Batth. I also wrote Lak de Hullare that Miss Pooja listed on her breathless album.

When you sit down to write a song, do you try to make it based of personal experiences?

I never sit down to write a song. Ideas come into my head when I am out and about. I could be anywhere and will get an idea that I will keep adding too. As a writer you have to almost make it an experience so that you can feel what you are writing. A small personal experience can expand into a life changing experience in a song. It depends on the type of song that you are writing, a sad song for example every word needs to have a strong meaning. I have written thermic songs, sad songs, love songs, bhangra songs and duets, it would be impossible to say that I have written even half of these on a personal experience.

What can we look forward to in the next 12 months from Major Maan?

Loads. I have a singles coming out very soon. Shows and starting on another album.

Any final words for the readers of

Thank you so much for all your support and respect. Keep it legal and keep supporting. I will do my best to keep providing the best that I can

Thank you Simple Bhangra, rab rakha

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