Exclusive Interview with Gagan Sharma

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.83 (3 Votes)'s Kulwinder caught up with one of the most exciting exports from Canada; Gagan Sharma, who has just released his debut album 'Ambitions'!

Describe Gagan Sharma in 5 words.

Ambitious, outgoing, hard working, fun,loud

You released your debut single Pyar Hogeya in 2011, but only in Canada. This was a success are you planning to re-release it worldwide?

The song was re-released on the album with a newer sound.

What was it like being a backing vocal singer for Malkit Singh and Sardara Gill during their live shows in Vancouver?

I have looked up to them since I was young. I've sang their songs and danced to their music. It was one of the best experiences as they showed they are still working hard and that's why they are legends. Not only are they great singers but they are great human beings. Very down to earth.

Bobby Kumar is your cousin and has influenced you. Who else do you look up to in the music scene?

Nick Chowlia (En Karma) was the one who gave me the opportunity to do music, I am thankful to him forever.

So you have had vocal training from Manmohan Singh Ji, Sarbjit Malpuri and most recently Angelina VanDyke. How important was this for you?

You have to learn your craft before taking it on as a profession. Learning from different teachers gave the ability to provide different sound each time. It made me more versatile.

Tell us something we don't know about you?

I love roti. I eat it almost everyday haha.

Who's music stands out for you?

Yo Yo Honey Singh is doing great at the moment. Love his sound.

You are signed up with MovieBox, how has the support been so far in your careeer?

They have been supportive from the beginning since they signed me on. Kamraan is very down to earth.

How did the song 'Ferrari' come about?

I wanted to give a song that people, especially the newer generation.. Can sing along to easily. So I came up with the hook 'like a Ferrari teri look hai kamaal ni' it's catchy and simple. I've gotten a great response to the song.

You are popular amongst females and the younger generation, are they your target audiences?

My target audience definitely is the younger crowd as my music has a commercial sound so they relate to it, that's what's in right now.

As you've recently done both, Do you find releasing singles are better than albums?

I am not sure if it's better but albums definitely take a lot longer to make. I needed to do an album just to show everyone that I can do different styles of music. Next focus for the time being will be singles.

How was it working on your album 'Ambitions' – and how long did it take from start to finish?

It was an awesome experience. Got to learn a lot from everyone that was involved, different artists bring different elements to the table so with each song I grew as well. The start of the project was in January 2011 and it finished in August 2013.

Where do we see Gagan next year?

I am already working on new music, mainly singles as well as being on the road doing gigs. Mainly in North America at the moment.

What are your latest projects?

Currently working on singles which I cannot announce at the moment but they will definitely catch the audience's ears when released so stay tuned.

Any message for the readers of

Thankful to everyone That's supported, complimented, criticized, everything has been a great learning experience. Appreciate everyone listening to the album and sharing the videos.

Where can your fans find more about you?

Hit me up at

Instagram / Twitter/Soundcloud - @GaganMusic

Interview by Kulwinder Kaur Kainth

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