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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.90 (5 Votes)'s Jusi Sahota caught up with rising producer 'Inside Man' to talk about his new single, views on ghost production & much more!

Welcome to! Tell us about "Inside-Man"

My name is Nikka Sev and my musical name is Inside-Man. I am born and bred in Derby and aside from making music I have a huge passion for Punjabi music. A good introduction for where I am today would be to say that I am trying to further my music career by releasing my first official bhangra/folk cover song. The single, which has just been released this week, is called "Sahibaa Bani Bharawan Di" and features vocals from Pargat & Jagdev Khan. Earlier this year I also released a religious album called Chanan Munare with Jagowala Jatha.

How did you get into music production?

I was inspired by several music artists whilst growing up; however one person in particular and that is Tru-Skool, in my opinion he is one of the best in the UK and is a massive inspiration to any Music Producer and Musician.

You've recently released you're first commercial track with Pargat and Jagdev Khan, who are nephews of the Late Kuldip Manak. What was it like to collaborate with these two individuals?

To collaborate with Pargat and Jagdev Khan was good; I prefer to work with these types of vocalists as they are powerful, unique and easy to work with as they are always willing to adapt to the director.

You have also featured on several dharmik projects, do you feel as though dharmik projects are important in today's society and will you be featured on more dharmik projects in the future?

Sikh Devotional songs are very important in today's society; it is our duty to highlight the teachings of the Sikh faith as well as never forgetting the sacrifices made. It is imperative to keep creating awareness.

I will not be featuring on anyone's projects in the short term or the long term. However, I have created a song called 'Machhiwara'; Sat Guru Mera on my forthcoming album and it has been sung by Kuldip Manak's nephew who goes by the name of Meshi Manak and in my opinion it is probably the best song I have made to date.

Who inspires you to make bhangra music?

The person who has inspired me to create Panjabi Bhangra music is Tubsy. It is because of Tubsy that I create music today, he has been a great inspiration and has guided me from the very start and has an important role in my music.

Many companies and artists in the industry rejected my offers due to me being an unknown as they did not want to invest the time or money in a new artist however Tubsy did, he put his time, efforts and helped me out and has been like an elder brother to me and for this I shall forever be in his debt.

Are there any bhangra music producers or singers that stand-out for you in today's era?

At this moment in time Tru-Skool musically stands out for me as a producer, he is a musical genius and for singers I would say Bakshi Billa is a phenomenal singer.

What are your views on ghost production?

I used to ghost produce for a few artists (mentioning no names) however I would say now I disagree with it because anyone and everyone can enter the music industry and it takes the light away from real musicians and producers who have great skills. However, for some artists it is their full time job and they have to provide for their families somehow so it leaves them no choice but to do ghost production but this is just my opinion.

What is the most important skill a music producer or engineer should acquire when producing a bhangra track?

In my opinion playing an instrument is probably the most important requirement needed as instruments teach you to play in time, in key and you learn about rhythms and raags.

How would you describe the "Inside-Man" music production style and what differentiates you from other UK born producers?

I would say my music style is more traditional than anything else and in my opinion what makes me stand out is that I don't make commercial music, I create what I want and not what anyone else wants me to make.

Do you feel as though having the support of a music label is important in today's society?

In some aspect I would say yes as recognised labels have great resources especially having budgets as well but in all honesty you don't need them as there are many good independent companies who can do the same thing as a label would but it will just take a little longer for you to start your career.

Do you think there is a future for bhangra music in the UK?

For sure! There are some good music producers, musicians and singers here in the UK.

So far in your music journey, what has been your best and worst experience yet?

My best experience is meeting and recording with legends like Surinder Shinda and Jagowala Jatha as well as musicians like Tubsy whom is a world renowned musician.

I would say my worst experience was signing up to a record label in the past and I would think twice in terms of joining another label.

Moving onto present day, is there an Inside-Man album?

Yes I will be releasing my forthcoming album titled: Mind Over Matter in the future.

Who will be featuring on this album and when will it be releasing?

To name a few singers, Pargat & Jagdev Khan, Bakshi Billa, Jaswinder Jass and the legend Surinder Shinda.

Is there anything you will like to say to the readers of

I would like to thank for being the first media site to give me a platform to showcase my music and to support me on my music career as well as giving me the opportunity to do this interview.

How can readers of contact you on social media?

Readers on SimplyBhangra can contact me via social media:!/InsideMan001


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Brilliant interview, this guy speaks the truth and is dropping comments how it is and his views straight up with no nonsense at all. Full respect to the guy.
manjit johal
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Go on nikka your making it hap[censored] keep up the great work

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