Junaid catches up with Mumzy Stranger!

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OOur blogger Junaid catches up with Mumzy Stranger talking about his latest track Kurbaan which is featuring in Suneel Darshan’s upcoming Bollywood movie! The wonderful Tasha Tah wrote the lyrics and sang while the music was produced by Mumzy Stranger.

We hear your new track Kurbaan is featuring in the Bollywood film Karle Pyar Karle.  Congratulations from Team Simply Bhangra! How do you feel about making it into Bollywood? 

All blessed! I didn’t imagine myself entering Bollywood or even rapping in Punjabi as it’s very different for me, but hey if Akon can do it then I guess anyone can! It was great fun working on Kurbaan with Tasha and getting an opportunity to work with the super director Suneel Darshan. For me it has been an experience working in Bollywood.

Tell us a bit about the song and the video.

Ok, I will let Tasha speak about the song as she wrote it. (Read exclusive interview with Tasha Tah here: ). The video was cool as it was shot in Mumbai in a studio location. There was so much performance and action by Shiv Darshan and Hasleen Kaur. They looked great and it was so over whelming to see actors singing our lyrics!

Mumzy, you’ve already done some great stuff in the mainstream industry and worked with British Asian Artists such as Nafees  on hits like Sazaa and obviously for Bollywood you must have had to show your versatility and produce something slightly different.  Was this challenging?

Yes, you’re definitely right there! I feel I always produce something different for every project and artist. I don’t duplicate sounds or replicate what I used in a recent project. I would call it tailor made music for whoever wants to work with me hence I have my own sound. I Love a challenge as that will always drive me to make better music.

We don’t see many other British Bengali artists in the Asian music industry, why do you think this is?

Actually I disagree. I feel there are a lot more now namely Char Avell, Jernade Miah and Bilal are all from the UK and doing their thing. They all sing in English and are very talented and maybe because they are not singing in Punjabi they are off the radar in the Asian market. I guess everyone’s time will come at some point. 

What’s next for you Mumzy?

My brand new single “Love Comfort” feat Shayma, a young British Bengali girl who I will be pushing, will be out end of January. I’ve always stuck by trying to break the mainstream and that I will always stick to with my own releases. It’s a great record and I can’t wait to get it out. There are also loads of remixes and a special SP Bolly Remix produced by me and a new talent Lyan Roze for my desi crew. I am with new management called Timeless London and will be releasing lots of more music now internationally and will definitely be working in Bollywood alongside Tasha. 

Where can your fans buy and support your single from?

It’s available on itunes and most other places.

My youtube page is

We wish you all the best with everything;  Any messages to your fans reading this around the world?

Big up SimplyBhangra who have always been supporting us! Love all my fans to bits. Because of you I am still here doing what I love and I can’t explain how much that means to me. Keep supporting and let’s do this together!!! x