Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah!

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Our blogger Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah talking about her latest track Kurbaan which is featuring in Suneel Darshan’s upcoming Bollywood movie!

Tasha Tah is one of three children born and raised in West London, belonging to a musical family; her love of music was inevitable. Her father a music mogul was behind the launches of huge singing stars in the Bollywood industry and was strongly affiliated with Music giants T-series; and her grandmother a published poet in India. Tasha T put pen to paper and began to write songs from an early age and with her father’s guidance and nurturing looked forward to a music career. Unfortunately, Tasha lost her father, her mentor but was still determined to make her mark and continue her musical journey.

She is empowered by her life experiences and speaks through her music. She has toured globally, appeared in major festivals, Television and Radio, mainstream events and not to mention her live Maida Vale sessions for the BBC. She can write any genre of music but is currently concentrating on her first love, an Urban Punjabi sound. After the success of her No.1 Track Haan De Munde, she has amassed a strong fan following and now Tasha’s tone is set for her upcoming album.

Tasha’s music is strong, vibrant, tough and here to stay. Keep an eye out for this talented siren, bringing you a unique musical sound.

Hello Tasha, what’s going on? I hear that your new track Kurbaan is featuring in the Bollywood film Karle Pyar Karle. Congratulations from team Simply Bhangra! How do you feel about making it into bollywood?

It’s completely surreal, Kurbaan was written off a whim and the fact that it’s made it into a Bollywood film a huge honour let alone that of Mr Suneel Darshan. He has launched so many stars, it’s an incredible feeling to be part of Karle Pyaar Karle.

Smashing! Now, tell us a bit about the song and the video.

The song is Exciting and cheeky and very upbeat! It’s about a girl trying to woo her man, but he insists that she is messing with his mind. The video features the cast, Mumzy (Stranger) and I, it’s an energetic, cool trendy video, you will just have to see the video when it’s out, it’s a must see!

You come from a family with a Bollywood background so does this mean you’ve gone back to your roots?

Absolutely! I’ve always been influenced by Bollywood in my music but it’s certainly a pleasure to be working in Bollywood so closely. It feels like home, growing up in such a ‘filmy’ environment I feel I belong here.

Is there anyone or a particular event in your life that inspired you to sing this particular song?

It’s a very cheeky song about wanting a guy and wanting to do anything for him, I think every girl has had that experience and I’m no different ;)

We don’t see many female Asians in the music scene in the UK, why do you think that is and what would be your advice to all those girls reading?

It could be a number of reasons such as restrictions, funds, timing, and age. I am not exactly sure but I’m very fortunate I have a chilled out family who support my career. The most important advice that I could give to other females is to be head strong, persevere, and surround yourself with positive people that want you to succeed.

What are your future plans? Now that you are introduced into Bollywood, are we likely to see you in acting?

Well never say never, I’ve had a few conversations about such projects but can’t say exactly what just yet! I’ll definitely be writing more out in Bollywood which is going to be exciting. The video for Kurbaan will be out shortly this month and I have singles of my own dropping every month until the release of my Punjabi urban album in September 2014.

Great news! So where can your fans buy and support your single from?

Itunes! Download Kurbaan and the rest of the songs from the album Karle Pyaar Karle.

We wish you all the best with everything. Any message to your fans reading Simply Bhangra around the world?

Just a huge big Thank you to our fans for the continued support, without you all these great opportunities would not be possible. Please catch me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tashatah/facebook and tashatmusic/ instagram.


Music maniac
0 #6 RE: Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah!Music maniac 2014-01-23 20:51
Haan da Munda
Joshpal Herra
+3 #5 RE: Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah!Joshpal Herra 2014-01-16 13:41
tasha Tah is amazing wish see was my girlfriend
+3 #4 RE: Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah!Gsstar 2014-01-15 19:44
Is she looking for Bollywood Now ?
+1 #3 RE: Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah!0000 2014-01-15 17:05
Quoting Realist.:
Quoting Music Maniac:
Tasha is Amazing! I love her voice :-)

Lets not forget this performance (skip to 5:28 when she starts singing live!!!)

Such a crap singer live
+3 #2 RE: Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah!Realist. 2014-01-15 15:19
Quoting Music Maniac:
Tasha is Amazing! I love her voice :-)

Lets not forget this performance (skip to 5:28 when she starts singing live!!!)
Music Maniac
+1 #1 RE: Junaid catches up with Tasha Tah!Music Maniac 2014-01-15 14:47
Tasha is Amazing! I love her voice :-)

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