Exclusive Interview with Preet Mani

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Toronto based vocalist Preet Mani recently released his new single 'Nachdi' - We caught up with him to speak about his new single & more!

Lyrics are by Panjabi UK Folk Singer Saini Surinder - How did this collaboration come about?

Saini Surinder is a good friend of my producer and mine. My producer JT Saund mentioned Sainis name and said we should also promote him as he is also an upcoming Punjabi vocalist.

Preet you have released a few singles in the past  - How was this single different?

This song was very different from my previous singles because I never did a bhangra track before that people could actually dance to it, but I sure made some songs that made people get sad or cry, such as “Tere Bina” and “Maye” LOL

Nachdi reached No.1 in Canada - how did this feel?

This was a great milestone in my musical career as it will motivate me to continue making chart topping tracks.

The music production is different to "NA" material often heard - why did you choose to work with JT Saund?

JT Saund is also a very good friend of mine. I can say only JT could make a bhangra track for me because as he knows what my capability is on the mike and he knows what exactly I wanted and what kind of vibe I was going for.

How long did the single take to produce from start to finish?

Well it took me about 2 months from start to finish. I changed the melody few times..Until I found It perfect and until I could picture people dancing to it.

Preet tell your fans about your vocal training regime?

I take classical training from Professor Paramjit Singh. I do my vocal training everyday as it is very vital to keep my vocals cords in check.

The music video looks to be like it was fun to shoot - who came up with the concept?

- Yes it was fun to shoot the video because my team “Envious production” had shot few videos of mine before too so it was very comfortable shooting with them. I sat with my director Amanpreet Singh G and we brain stormed some ideas and worked on the storyboard together.

Whats in store for 2013 from Preet Mani?

Consistency, I plan on being consistent in releasing my music. I have 3 singles planned already for the next 5 months. My next single entitled “Akh Mastani” will be out in the beginning of month June 2013!

You can follow Preet Mani on Twitter via @RealPreetMani


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