Catching up with Jazz Sahota

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We caught up with rising young female vocalist Jazz Sahota to talk about her debut single 'Chanjara' & how she got into music!

Congratulations on the release of your first DEBUT Single Chanjara -  How does that feel?

Thank you, it feels great to have finally released my first official debut single. The warm fuzzy feeling i experienced when it hit midnight was unexplainable. It was an epic moment!

We have read your biography and have come to learn that Music has always been apart of your life since childhood. How did the transition from being a "Kirtan" Singer to a Bhangra Singer arise?

Yes, music has always been the instrumental of my life. I used to love dancing when I was little and grew up to gain a lot more knowledge about music. I then went through a phase where I was literally at the Gurdwara everyday! I used to sit in the Divan & think would I ever get an opportunity to be on stage with a Dhadi Jatha or sing alongside them. As a child i used to perform on stage with an international jatha named "Nabey wale" in the UK.  I did kirtan for a few years & then started learning how to sing professionally, which is where Bhangra came to light.

Where did the concept of Chanjara come from and who chose the Song Title?

As a little girl, I've always been a fan of Chanjara or Anklets. Every time I used to visit India, I would always buy a pair. Anyway I spoke to a friend of mine & said I would love to sing a song about Chanjara, but I can't seem to write one that makes me think "wow, this is the one". He hooked me up with a song and yeah we called it "Chanjara".

There is no mention of the music producer for your DEBUT single - is there a reason as to why you chose to release independently?

Yes that is correct, there is no mention. There is no particular reason as to why it is not mentioned, but something's are best kept a secret! I released independently to prove that a newcomer does not have to rely on a senior artist to reach their goal, It can all be accomplished alone. I believe hard work always pays off and I feel it had for me.

Which is you’re your favourite verse from the song?

-My favourite verse is the 3rd verse. The way the lyrics portray a Punjaban's look and mention pf Punjabi juthi & suit. That is how a true Punjaban is identified in mu eyes and Besides its comfortable.

What is your perception of Female Bhangra Artisit in our ever expanding Asian Music Industry?

There is a lack of female artists in the UK Bhangra Industry and the reason behind that is because they don't get the faithful support they need. As a female it is a lot more difficult to get into the industry that is saturated and predominantly male dominated. The way Women are portrayed in the industry is appalling and stereotypical expectations often make it hard for talent to be exposed. However there are some individuals in the industry who have a clear mind and are willing to guide female artists that want to continue supporting Bhangra and Panjabi folk music.It's just the matter of finding the faithful ones.

What can we expect from Jazz Sahota in the coming months?

In the coming months I am looking to finalise a collaboration I have been working one. I'm super excited about it as it tests my vocals quite abit. Looking at releasing that single in the next few months. Twitter: @JazzSahota_


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