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'Cat Talk' with Ruby Raza


Its Sunday, an official day for social events, meetings, laughing and some personal trying times with people love and with those we do not particularly get along Oh well! such is life, we live and learn. Some people we meet, we connect with them immediately and we just want to know more about them. I am going to share with you my conversation with Ruby Raza, the constant star of Sunrise and Kismat Radio.  

Ruby Raza

Ruby is a yummy mummy of 3 children and she was kind enough to find time for us to meet and have an insight into her private and professional life. We met before her radio show in the Sunrise Radio premises and started discussing about our shows before we got talking about her life.” 

Q When did you make a start in the media industry? What made you get into media? 

Ruby : I came into the world of media in August 2000 where I joined Sunrise Radio During my time at Sunrise, I've covered literally every single show there is, as I just love being on the radio.  

Q What made you get into media industry? 

Ruby: It was just the determination & challenge that made me want to do it as I always had a fascination & desire to work on the radio. I always believe that if you are determined to do something then anything can be achieved but you have to be determined & dedicated.  

Q Besides shows on Sunrise do you also host any other shows? 

Ruby:  Yes, recently I covered a variety of shows on Kismat Radio, the sister station to Sunrise Radio & had a wonderful experience. So wonderful that now I work on Kismat Radio Monday to Friday from 1pm-3pm & love it!! 
Q Are you doing shows everyday? Do you not get tired? 

Ruby: Yes, I'm on the radio every day now but I just love it as it gives me pleasure to entertain, there is no scope to get tired as time just flies by and I love every minute of it. 

Q Have you made any TV appearance? 

Ruby:  Yes my first appearance on TV was a couple of months ago where I appeared as a guest on a panel in a debate show on Venus TV. It was a lovely experience as I love talking.  

Q Has anyone from your family ever worked in media? 

Ruby: No one from my family has worked in the media. I am the first.

Q Do you also compere and live shows? Which was the memorable event that gave you immense satisfaction? 

Ruby:I do compere shows on and off, there was a charity event organised by British Airways that I co-hosted with Murtaza Ali and the Boss Man. 

Q Do you also do voice over for commercials? 

Ruby : Yes, I have done voice over for various TV commercials, Lycatalk , Joysleep, Manchester Medical Clinic and Joshiv hair and beauty are few of them, on radio I have done countless commercials. 

After a serious interview it was time for a rapid fire round before Ruby headed for the show to show some Jalwa and to do some Hungama in Sunrise Studio , we quickly wrapped the interview with laughter and a good happy feeling in the heart. 


Place of Birth...................India 
Date of Birth....................16th December  
My Favourite Bedroom Line ...........goodnight :) 
I love sleeping around quilt :) 
Sex to me is....................a word :) hahaha 
If I was not human I will be which animal ..........lion rarrrrr! 
Embarrassment to me is.............something i learn from! 
I take a shower without clothes because.....................who told I do ? ! =O 
I am proud of family :) 
I fans 
I hate................liars! 
I would one day like to be..................Mrs Salman Khan :)

Favourite radio line: Make it a date, don’t be late because you are so great!! 

With this Ruby assured me she will only marry Salman Khan once she is sure he is free and has been dumped by Katrina for good…..awwww…I am joking darling’s she is very happily married ……..Ill be back next week with some more spice on the ice….stay tuned